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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Are you looking for a tool to help improve your videography, but not willing to dish out hundreds of dollars? This Tolifo Ultra Thin LED Video Light Panel, our “Amazon find” of the week is under $50, and does what other lights that cost hundreds of dollars do, and can fit in a backpack. The light is designed to help...
Panasonic Lumix G9 High Speed Video Panasonic Lumix G Series recently introduced their newest model the G9. The G9 is equipped with a new high speed video feature. The feature allows you to record at 4K at 60fps and 180fps in FHD. This brings a whole new level of slow motion video to the Lumix G series.
Lumix introduces High Resolution Mode Panasonic just released its new Lumix G9 camera and one of the features many are excited for is the 40 and 80 Mega Pixel High Resolution Mode. The mode works by taking multiple photos pixel apart and then stacking them. Which is all done by the software on the camera. We wanted to to see...
Unwrapping Your Drone and First Flight! Did you unwrap a Drone (sUAS) this Christmas? Before you take your first flight, there is several things to consider. The FAA has a designated page on their website for getting started: https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/  FAA's Small UAS Rule (Part 107), really changed much about remote flying and drone operation in August of 2016. A few things everyone would...
Drone helps reunite family with lost dog In recent news, it was a pet. Tomorrow it could be a child or grandparent. We want more success stories... Will you help? TriMedia, located in Marshfield Wisconsin, has a team of three FAA licensed drone pilots and is part of a larger drone network that assists during emergency situations. It is our goal to provide...
Here is a before and after of the Forward Bank Photo. The edit took less than 2 minutes using Lightroom and photoshop. If you are on a mobile the device, tap the photo to move the slider. Sliding your finger won't work. If you are interested in having your building or property photographed. Please feel free to drop a line.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lh8i09b0S94] Getting Off the Ground with Thermal Imaging Currently, a Luveelu, Jean Doty's Cat, is missing the warmth of her home in Marshfield. We took an interest in seeing if we could provide a little of assistance in her save return. We haven't been able to connect with the pet owner in person yet.  However based off of the description of...
In this vLog I take a look at a problem we have been dealing with for year in at Solutionz... Tailgate Salters freezing up into one giant salt block. We came up with a solution that provides heat to the box, preventing the salt from freezing. In addition we powered the box with solar energy so we would always...
You may have seen the supermoon on December 3rd, 2017. In central Wisconsin much of the view of the moon was blocked by cloud cover, which is being followed by a polar vortex.  However, I thought it would be interesting to have some fun with some photos that were shot the night before. But first here is the post.  
Legislators give community media advocates a warm reception (Source: WCM Newsletter) Legislators and staff gave WCM members a warm reception at the capitol at our first-ever Legislative Day on October 4.  WCM provided legislators with our three policy priorities:  Program listings in the Electronic Program Guide so viewers can see what is on community TV and record shows; HD-level...




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