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Thursday, March 21, 2019
Newly inaugurated Wood County Sheriff Shawn Becker sat down with OnFocus after his first week on the job to discuss priorities for his term. Becker took his oath of office on January 7, the 43rd sheriff to do so. Topics: -Becker’s inauguration -Communication plans with Wood County -Wood County Jail and its staffing concerns -Update on Wood County Rescue -K9 program -County drug epidemic
OnFocus Hosted by: Branden Bodendorfer The Marshfield Police department works to improve radio communications. The first phase includes upgrading the portable radios.
This is the first video in an ongoing series of videos that will showcase my workflow process when editing photos. There are never two alike photos, therefore there is never two alike workflow processes. Each photo has its own starting point, and every edit has its own intentions. However, I hope to guide you through my workflow so you can...
Controller Wheel for the Osmo Pocket is Available DJI made the OSMO Pocket available on December 15th, however, at the time of the release, none of the accessories were available. Many websites offered pre-order options. I was fortunate for my Osmo Pocket to arrive on the release date, below is a first impressions review after using the Pocket for a few...
Lighting Adapter for iPhone is Broken In this post, I reflect on my experience using the DJI Osmo Pocket. I have owned the Osmo Pocket since its release date. Yes, I purchased the device on my own. To date, the device really fills a gap in my gear line-up. Many times I find myself, wanting to take a video of something,...
2019 Monthly/Daily Planner for OneNote A digital planner/calendar/notebook for OneNote is now available for download. Are you ready to get organized and achieve your goals this year? This exclusive SUCCESS Planner is a OneNote calendar that can be used on any device on which the OneNote app is installed. This digital planner is not a physical notebook, rather a downloadable file...
DJI released the Osmo Pocket on December 15th to the public. I was able to purchase one myself and have it arrive on the release date. Upon arrival, I was very impressed with the size and overall feel of the gimbal camera by DJI. The Osmo Pocket felt very industrial and even though it was smaller than my iPhone X,...
  First, Thank you for tuning in! Welcome to the first episode of Straight Talk. I am not sure on the name yet. If you have ideas, please send me them. Why the program? I wanted to start a program, which I hope to make weekly, that connects people in our community. At the same time, I want to teach the audience...
  LensShifter’s are the tools that every camera operator needs. At an affordable price of $44.99 for both a blue and red grip, it’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on. Not only is this product easy to use, they allow you to achieve a higher accuracy for those moments you need to zoom in and out of,...
Pocket Telephoto Lens for your iPhone Opening the box of the Wolf Tamir Camera Lens, I have to say that I was a little taken back by the concept of the product. I had never used a lens attachment on my phone before. What interested though about this product was the 18x optical zoom. I have paid hundreds of dollars...




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