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Key2Success Releases PREVIEW of the  2021 Business Digital Planner for OneNote

Our Key2Success 2021 Business Digital Planner debuts soon! We have ALL of the features that you have learned to love in the personal edition. The business edition will come with support for workplace accounts and will include a new CRM tool to help manage customer interactions.

With inspiration from the Franklin Covey Planning System, Full Focus and Passion Planner, we have revamped digital planning. If you’re looking for an iPad digital planner or Surface Pro digital planner, we’re excited to unveil what’s new in 2021!

The Key2Success 2021 digital planner builds on our 2020 model, and includes several new and expanded features to help you achieve your annual goal planning and digital planning goals.

New features include:

Your Ideal Week: designed to help you track and develop habits that are integrated into a plan. This tool will help you prioritize your daily plans on a global level.

Quarterly Reviews: a two-page spread that changes the way you approach each quarter. It breaks each goal down into 12-week segments, further broken down into three stages.

2021 Team Week: designed with feedback from our Key2Success Community in mind, this serves as a central location to schedule multiple people and keep track of what family or coworkers are working on each day. Perfect for parents, spouses, and managers.

Typing ability!: You can now type in OneNote and your text will snap to the grid. If you prefer writing with your pen, that’s cool, too! Want to combine text and handwriting? You can do that in the 2021 digital planner!

Learn more about our Key2Success 2021 digital planning system in this video. Whether you need an iPad digital planner or Surface Pro digital planner, Key2Success digital planner is your go-to for achieving your goals.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]


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