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Getting ahead in business is less about trying to work harder and more about learning from the best ever to have done it. That way, you can access shortcuts that would be impossible to find by any other means. 

But what exactly are the lessons you can learn from great minds? Here we find out. 

It’s Never Too Late To Start

People believe entrepreneurship is a young person’s game. But that’s a myth. The data, in fact, show the opposite. Millennials are extremely unlikely to form their own businesses while Gen Xers and Boomers do it all the time, despite many of them already being at retirement age. 

Therefore, it’s never too late to start. Many top entrepreneurs start their business ventures in the 50 to 70 age range, and you can, too. 

It’s All About Mindset

Entrepreneurs are a thousand times richer than you, but that doesn’t mean they are a thousand times more intelligent. Instead, their remarkable material success comes from their mindset. They aren’t stuck in a middle-class malaise, going to a desk job every day, believing it’s the only option for them. Instead, they’re obsessed with finding value and delivering it at scale. 

You Can Switch Careers Any Time You Want

Entrepreneurs don’t believe in getting bogged down. At heart, they’re free spirits, always looking for the next adventure. 

Belinda Stronach is a good example of this practice in action. She’s a businesswoman, but she’s also been a politician, career woman, and philanthropist. Like other people with her attitude, she isn’t afraid to switch things up when they’re not working or give them a go when they are. 

It’s About Vision

Most people need leaders in their lives. They want individuals they can aspire to be like. That’s what gives them direction. (Help develop your vision with the Key2Success Planner!)

The difference with entrepreneurs is that they provide that direction. They’re there when everything else seems to be falling apart, providing order. 

Getting the vision to be an entrepreneur is difficult. But if you have it and there’s something you want to achieve, no matter the cost, you can do it. 

Vision should be something big that defines your life’s purpose. It should go beyond mere money and be something you do through sheer motivation because you love the idea. Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are both examples of individuals with big visions. There’s no reason you can’t emulate them. 

It’s About Delegation

You should also learn from great business leaders the art of delegation. These individuals aren’t afraid to shift tasks onto other people if they don’t want to do them themselves. 

In fact, delegation was the original leverage. Entrepreneurs would hire people and use their talents to create products and services. That’s the whole point of companies. The founder could extract 1 percent of the value produced by 100 employees and pay himself a decent wage for minimal work. Or he could extract 10 percent and give himself the salary of ten employees, dramatically increasing his income well beyond what he could have gotten otherwise. 

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