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If you’re setting up a business, your website is one of the first things that you need to consider. It’s how your audience will find you and buy your products. 

You probably know the basics of website design already. But which specific features are non-negotiable for small business pages in today’s online marketplace? Let’s take a look. 

Prominent Contact Information

It might sound simple, but you would be surprised how many businesses bury their contact information in obscure corners of their sites. 

To avoid this, add your phone number, email address or contact button to your site’s header. This way, it doesn’t matter what page users are on – they can always find out how to get in touch with you. 

Engaging, Relevant Content

We’ve all been on websites that look great but have dull, dreary content. It’s all marketing jargon and doesn’t really hit home like a block of well-written prose. 

For your website to be successful, you’ll need to avoid this. The trick here is to learn about your audience and then deliver content they want in an engaging way.

For instance, you could search topics being discussed about your products or industry on Reddit. You could then use this to get a sense of how you’re perceived in the community, and that will then inform the style of your content. 

Analytic Tools

When choosing the best WordPress designers, always ask them if they offer analytic tools. They’re important because they provide you with critical information about your audience and whether your conversion strategies are working. 

For instance, metrics can tell you whether you’re getting enough new visitors to your site, or whether older users are returning to shop again. 

Metrics can also tell you more about user behavior. For example, are people staying on your site for a long time and consuming your content in full? Or are they leaving pages immediately after landing on them, suggesting that something is wrong? 

You can also evaluate user behavior. Analytics tell you which are the most and least popular sites, and allow you to see which content best resonates with your audience. 

Business Information

Again, it might sound obvious, but you would be surprised how many company websites do a bad job of explaining to people who they are and what they sell. 

All websites, therefore, need an introduction – a simple tag line that communicates the character of the company and what it sells. Websites also need features that make it easy for customers to purchase products and services, instead of having to call separately or go in-store. 

In terms of branding, websites also need to communicate why the company’s products and services are important. In other words, why should consumers buy them? 

And, lastly, there needs to be information about how and when consumers can reach you if they have a question. 

User-Friendly Navigation

Lastly, business websites need a clear and functional design. Menus should have clear labels and each page should have a call to action that stands out.

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