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Yellow River Winter 2017 

First Flight! The first aerial video that I created was this one of the Yellow River in the winter of 2017. I have always had mixed feelings about creating videos when it comes to commentary. What is the right level of commentary? Does the audience…


Marshfield Sunrise 

You never go looking for the shot, you catch it. The morning of February 22nd was no different. I had an early morning meeting that brought me to downtown Marshfield. Just before the sunrise there was a light rain. As the rain passed and the…

In The News

Yellow River Flooding 

Seen on Focus on Marshfield After heavy rainfall and mild February temperatures, the Yellow River is experiencing moderate flooding. Those living near the waterway should remain¬†vigilant as snow runoff and swift currents combined with soggy ground lead to spring-like melting.¬†A tributary of the Wisconsin River,…