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Everywhere you go these days you hear phrases such as sustainability matters and going green will save green. Energy efficiency should be a priority for you whether it’s for your business or whether it’s for your personal life. It’s very easy to understand why renewable energy sources received most of the press these days given the prevalence of panel companies coming up, and the fact that the sun is an unlimited source of energy that we could be using but we are not. 

Of course, some people are installing solar panels into the roofs of their hospitals, businesses and their houses, and that is really helping when it comes to saving money. Companies such as Energy Innovation Capital work to ensure that businesses have new ways to be more energy efficient and they are working across the US right now ensuring that is the case. But if you haven’t paid much attention to energy efficiency before, then now may be time to change that. Here are some of the facts about energy efficiency that should make you stand up and pay attention.

  • Companies that are in the energy-efficiency industry are innovative and are well-supported. Did you know energy efficiency companies are huge job creators? The US economy is still recovering from the economic collapse of 2814 years later. Companies that have strong balance sheets are going to continue the growth of the economy, and they will be able to employ people domestically which will help to fuel the economy’s return to full strength. But the companies that are in the energy efficiency space are meeting all of those criteria, and there are huge opportunities to develop new business models and these models are leveraging the innovation in energy efficiency technology.
  • Energy efficiency investments are offering a better return on investment for businesses overall. Once a business discovers how much money is going through their energy system inefficiencies they start to look at energy efficiency companies. There’s plenty of new software out there that can link all of the energy assets within a site, with facility managers controlling energy distribution precisely. Now, facility managers can do this with massive energy systems, and it’s already being seen in the market with technologies such as the Nest thermostat and LED light bulbs.
  • Energy efficiency is easier than ever to operate and implement. Both business users and homeowners are figuring out how easy it is to implement energy efficiency monitors such as eGauge and eMonitor. These are devices that allow homeowners to see their energy use in real-time; Think smart energy systems. Not only can these be installed, but they can be monitored for customers too. This saves facility managers from having to log into the system all of the time, and if you hire a company that is using innovative technology to create robust network systems, they will monitor it, install it and ensure that your energy use is where it should be.


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