Branden Bodendorfer – Founder and Creator

Branden Bodendorfer, Entrepreneur and Visionary, has deep roots in Central Wisconsin. Born in 1983 to Linda (Bodendorfer) Kiviko and Roger Carl in Marshfield. Branden went to grade school in Neillsville and senior high in Spencer. Graduating in 2002, he elected to to enter the workforce after high school.

Finding a passion for helping people market their business and communicate their life moments he co-founded a print shop, Premier Printing, in 2004. Through Premier Printing, he has helped more than 2000 business leaders market and communicate their message. Today the print shop specializes in digital printing, screen printing, and vinyl graphics.

In 2010, Branden invested interest into discovering digital media. Through this interest he founded TriMedia, a marketing, communications, and advertising company. Over the last decade, Branden has worked to innovate rural marketing through developing digital space in which local businesses can thrive.

Through those developments, he has founded two additional media sites where his team communicates stories about people, businesses and organizations making a difference in rural Wisconsin. Explore and OnFocus have become the leaders in the area in news, sports and lifestyle coverage in the greater Marshfield area.

In the last four years, Branden and his team have grown at a record pace.

“As an entrepreneur and visionary, it is challenging at times to see your focus and know all the lines and dots you need to connect to reach your goals,” he said. “It’s challenging when, as individuals, we get pulled in several directions in a day.”

Through these challenges, Branden has developed his own planning system: The Key2Success Planner.

“Developing a planning system that was goal-focused and could be available on any digital device was key for me,” he said. “Being able to take handwritten notes while in meetings and during brainstorming sessions was only natural. I wanted a planner that not only managed my daily appointments, but took ownership of the key actions steps needed to achieve my goals.”

Branden continues to work with businesses in Central Wisconsin to develop their brand and communications. His ability to help these businesses sustain and grow in their industry helps maintain over 1500 area jobs and over 100 million dollars in gross revenue. Through his digital media sites, the stories his platform shares reaches over 100,000 people per month.

When asked what is next, Bodendorfer said, “I want to see individuals reach their goals and for locally-owned businesses to find their space in this digital world, so our rural communities can thrive once again. I believe through our planning system and our digital resources we are the team to have on your team.”

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Branden Bodendorfer has a strong passion for photography and videography. In 2017, Branden took interest in drones and aerial photography. He has published videos and photography that have been seen across the globe. Recently, his work was featured on ABC World News, ESPN Monday Night Football, and CNN.

“I really enjoy taking photos of our rural area, because I so often hear that ‘there is nothing here.’ However, when I show people my images, suddenly they are reminded that we are in God’s Country and there is beauty in every corner.”

Since starting his interest in drones, Branden has invested countless hours educating people on the benefits these machines have, especially in the public safety sector. Through working with public safety agencies, he has participated in various missions and exercises, providing aid to missing persons, Wisconsin Emergency Management, and local organizations. He has even contributed time searching for pets and lost farm animals.

In such a short time, his work has been used by NOAA and Research Scientists in Denver. He recorded and mapped the longest tornado ever to touch down in the state of Wisconsin, with the help of his co-pilots, Brett Butler and Steven Okonek.

“We put ourselves out there so that we might help discover something that will positivity affect someone today or influence a generation to come,” said Branden when asked why he volunteers for these risky situations.

Throughout the past ten years, Branden has changed much about how people get their information in rural Central Wisconsin. He has influenced businesses and community leaders to think differently about their communication model.

“You have to have a motivation for what it is that you inspire to accomplish. I do what I do because I want to see others succeed,” he said. “I want my (our) kids to have a world where they can dream big and I want them to believe in what they have here. I am so blessed and thankful for my wife’s blessings and support to follow my own goals.”

“These last 10 years have taught me what it is I want to do in life and who I want to have close to me,” he added. “It’s taken 15 years for me to sort through everything and come to today. Through the planning system and our ability to share stories, I know we are going to make an incredible difference in the next decade.”

To follow Branden and learn more visit his website at and connect with him on any of the social media platforms linked through the site.

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