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Thank you for your interest in our planners! If you are having difficulty with downloading or installing your planner, or simply have a few questions about the planners, we’ve compiled a handy list of references and suggestions here. We do have a chat feature on our website, but are not always available. We encourage you to review this page to troubleshoot any issues. If you are still experiencing problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What planners do you offer?:

Our main planners are “Key2Success” and our Motivational Planner. Our Key2Success Planner is available in German, here. We also have a recipe planner, Bible planner, and are continually developing new products on our product page.


Which planner should I go with – PDF or OneNote?:

Start here for some guidance. It really depends which application you are more comfortable with.

How do I install my planner?

Please review the Installation Guide HERE.

Where can I find Branden’s YouTube tutorials?

Click HERE.

What is the difference between your planners?:

The difference between our Key2Success and Motivational planners is explained here at this link.

What is the difference between the Business and Personal planner?

The Business planner includes a CRM. The Personal planner does not.

Is the Key2Success Notebook the same in OneNote and PDF?:

Both the OneNote and the PDF version of the Key2Success Planner is the same content. The only difference is one is designed for PDF apps and one is designed for GoodNotes. The subject matter and pages within are the same.

How do I get started with digital planning?:

Wondering where to start? Click here for our instructional video.

Can I type in my digital planner or do I need a stylus or Apple pencil?:

Yes, you can type in your digital planner. Branden explains how this works at this link.

Does the digital planner integrate with Google Calendar?:

We explain how to integrate your calendar here at this link.

Is the Goal Planner included in the full Digital Planner or do I need to buy this separately?:

The Goal Planner is included in the full planner and an integral part of our system.

Will the Planner work in Noteability app?:

Yes, the PDF version will.

Will you be adding more training?:

Yes! Please subscribe.

Do you offer refunds?:

Please find our refund policy here.

I need more help with OneNote –  where can I find resources?:

Click HERE for the Microsoft OneNote tech support page.


How do I install the planner on GoodNotes?:

Visit this link for more information on installing your digital planner in GoodNotes.

My GoodNotes hyperlinks aren’t working – what can I do?:

Visit this link to learn how to activate your hyperlinks.

Additional Things to Consider:

1. Please note that Links work in “Reading” mode. You can click on the icon with a stroke crossing the pen located at the centre top of the menu to activate reading mode.
2. Force quit the application, and soft restart your device.
3. Scroll to another page, such as the month at a view page, and click on the dated links.
4. Give it a few hours, some users experience issues with the hyperlinks not working, when goodnotes is syncing.

Can I add pages to my GoodNotes planner?:


Can I search my handwriting in GoodNotes?:




How do I install the planner on OneNote?:

Visit this link for more information on installing your digital planner in OneNote.

Can I share my OneNote Digital Planner with someone else?:

Yes, you can! Here’s how to do it (click link).

Can I add pages to my OneNote planner?:


How do I get the text in OneNote to align on windows computers?:

– Hold the ALT down when moving the text box, this will allow you to freely move the box to your position.
– Make sure you have the font size at 11 points
– Use system font Calibri.

Getting an error message that this file does not appear to be a OneNote file.

Getting this error is a clear indication that you are trying to open the notebook with OneNote for Windows 10. To correct this error you need to open the notebook with the desktop OneNote application or use method 2. In either case the folder/notebook can’t not be enclosed in a zip file.

Import Process will not work for German Planner.

The import process in German does not work. An empty website appears (Chrome and Edge). The workaround is: Log in Onenote online and switch to English in the lower left corner of the language button. Then the OneNote import works fine. (user submitted)

I’m getting an error: “Sorry we can’t open this section due to a problem with its content”:

Try deleting the notebook and re-installing. Sometimes a fresh re-import will fix the issue.

My question wasn’t answered – what can I do?

We do have a chat feature on our website, but are not always available. If you are still experiencing problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Online agent 6 am to 5 pm CST - Post Questions in Chat, leave name and email address, will follow up within a few hours.
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