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Our Neighbor Rescues Hummingbirds 

Hummingbird Rescue in Wisconsin When I first heard about the hummingbirds my neighbor Gwen has rescued, I was instantly interested in seeing one for myself. She told us a handful of stories about how she has cared for them and brought them back to health…


We survived the Polar Vortex in Wisconsin 

Over the last week we have seen temperatures the coldest in 30 years. During the polar vortex, the guys worked to keep the roadways open for those that deared to travel in the cold. Wind Chills peaked at -50 degrees. However as fast as it…

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Photo Editing – Episode One 

This is the first video in an ongoing series of videos that will showcase my workflow process when editing photos. There are never two alike photos, therefore there is never two alike workflow processes. Each photo has its own starting point, and every edit has…