How to Import PDF Planner files into GoodNotes

Key2Success PDF Planner Installation Walk-through Guide

First start by opening the email with the download likes on your device. We suggest that you copy the link for the download and then paste the link into your browser. This will help prevent multiple requests of the download and you running out of downloads.
NEXT, you will want to save the zip file to your FILES APP. We suggest that you save it to your downloads folder.  
THEN, open your FILES APP and locate the zip file you downloaded. Once located TAP and HOLD on the file, until you get a dialog box. Choose the option to uncompress the file. Upon doing so you will now see a folder with 4 PDF files. If you need more information on the 4 downloads, go to this page to learn which option do I choose
Next follow the instructions on how to import the digital PDF Planner into GoodNotes.
You can easily import a supported file with one of the following methods.

Importing from within GoodNotes