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Digital Planning Training Resources

In this video series, Branden takes you through each of the custom built planning pages in the digital planning system.

Follow along with us and learn how to use the Key2Success™ Planning System to its fullest capabilities.

Setup OneNote Planner

Branden explains how he sets up his OneNote Digital Planner, the Key2Success Planning System.

I recently have seen a high number of requests from OneNote users, asking how I set up my weekly planning.

Here is a quick video how I structure my weekly planning. Many professionals tell me that this style helps them achieve success through building daily structure in their digital planning model.

Vision Board Overview

When I put together the Key2Success Digital Planner, I wanted a way to organize my vision and plan my year. I wanted the ability to sit down with my digital planner on the Surface Pro or iPad, open an application like, OneNote or GoodNotes, and plan effectively. In the 2021 Key2Success Digital Planning System, the Vision Board is one of my favorite pages as it is designed to help you outline your entire year. This helps direct your goals and actions throughout the rest of the planner.


Annual Keys Page Overview

The Annual Keys page in the Key2Success Digital Planner is designed to help kickstart your digital planning year in the best way possible – by providing you a space to outline your goals for the year. There are four development areas included in the Annual Keys: Self, Relationships, Career, and Community. Each section contains a goal area for you to add your goal statement and the motivation behind it. Understanding why you have a goal is important because it will help you stay focused on your goal.


Ideal Week

Whether you are new to personal planning or a longtime advocate of digital planning, we know you are looking for the best digital planner to help you achieve your goals. Today we are going to review the Ideal Week page in the Key2Success Digital Planner. This page is one we encourage investing significant thought and time into.

Learn about block scheduling and more:

Quarterly Keys

The Key2Success Planner is designed to help you succeed in digital planning and in life! Each quarter, use the quarterly review pages in your digital personal planner to make sure you are on track with your digital planning goals. The Annual Keys page in the Key2Success Digital Planner is designed to help kickstart your digital planning year, while the Quarterly Keys pages are there to help you measure your progress in key areas throughout the year, sketch your success, and develop a timeline to help maintain your focus on your goals.


Goal Planning Overview

The Key2Success Digital Planning system is designed to help you achieve your goals. Our elaborate goal planning pages are organized  to help you plan and execute the goals you are hoping to accomplish.The 2021 goal planning page has helped me shape my goals and understand the action steps and benchmarks that I need to meet in order to achieve my goals. Building off the Annual Keys page, the 2021 Goal Planner page contains the following: Goal Summary Reason for Goal Brainstorming Area Key Action Steps


Daily Keys

Key2Success™ daily planner pages are designed to keep you focused on the action steps that will drive your success.

Unlocking the Key2Success™ starts each day with determining where you will dedicate most of your attention. This is commonly a project, developing a habit, building a relationship, or self-improvement.

The next key is indicating the 3 most important assignments that will drive home your goals – we call these the Key3™. The Key2Success™ daily page provides you with a task list, a timeline of your day, note section, important calls, and opportunities.

Sharing Notebook and Pages

Creating a Shared Notebook has never been easier with OneNote. The shared notebook function allows for users to share pages, sections and entire notebooks, allowing family, friends and co-workers the opportunity to view content.

Shared content is a powerful tool for business users, using OneNote, teams can collaborate across pages of digital notes. This feature makes digital note taking the wave of the future for businesses and teams.

GoodNotes 5 Tutorial + Basic Tips

Many of us are exploring digital note-taking and planning. Learn how to use GoodNotes on the iPad in just a few minutes with this helpful video. Walk through some of the basic tips to get you started with using GoodNotes 5 for digital note-taking. These basic tips on how to use your iPad as a digital planner and note-taking device can help you get started.


OneNote Basics Tutorial Note taking Digital Planning

Learn how to use OneNote on the iPad in just a few minutes with this helpful video. Maximize your digital planning, note-taking, and journaling experience on the iPad using OneNote.

OneNote is a free app. It works across Apple devices and Windows devices, allowing you to easily sync across devices. Designed like a binder, OneNote has sections, tabs, and pages.


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