INSTALLATION STEPS FOR KEY2SUCCESS USERS – Method 1 – Open Notebook Function Microsoft recently introduced a new method of opening OneNote Notebooks. We are excited to share this new method with our community. Our first impressions is that this installation method will change our OneNote Users’ relationship with digital planning. We ask that you attempt this installation method and provide us feedback. We will be updating our installation walkthrough video soon. Business and SharePoint users we have found success with this method. It does require you to move the notebook to your OneDrive. Each downloaded notebook is saved to your hard drive in Zip file format. Please note where the file is saved during the download process.
        1. Unzip the folder found in the file you previously downloaded. This unzipped folder is your notebook folder. (NOTE: You have to right-click and extract. Double clicking does not extract it properly.)
        2. Open Folder and locate the file labeled: Open Notebook. Open the file by right-clicking and choose open with Onenote.  (Note: If you choose OneNote for Windows 10, the installation may fail, we suggest that you use the desktop version labeled OneNote.  If you do not see this file, please jump down to the next installation method.) > If you do not have the desktop version of OneNote, you can click here to download<
        3. OneNote will open with your notebook. You may need to convert the notebook to enable syncing. In some instances the options to convert the entire notebook to 2010 will be greyed out. If so, skip this step and proceed to step 4.
        4. The next step is moving your Notebook to your OneDrive account to enable clouding syncing across your devices. Click on File, locate your OneNote Notebook. Click on Share on Web or Network.
        5. To share the Key2Success Digital Planner, you’ll need to put the notebook on OneDrive or SharePoint. Start by selecting the location where you want to store the notebook. (We suggest you place this on your OneDrive account. For SharePoint users, we suggest saving it in your documents in a folder labeled OneNote. (See Screenshot)
        6. Title Your Notebook, then click button labeled Move Notebook. (See Screenshot)
        7. A pop-up dialog box will indicate that your Notebook is syncing. Once the initial syncing process is finished, you will be able to open your notebook on additional devices. Note: It may take a few hours for this progress to finish based on your internet speeds. (See Screenshot)
        8. ENJOY and please email us feedback.
NOTE: Possible Error: If you get the following error, please click ok and proceed with installation. No pages are missing from the installation. Once you have completed the install and you want to open the planner on your mobile devices please follow these instructions. If this method does not work for you, proceed to using Method 2.