Key2Success 2021 Digital Planner for OneNote

Our Key2Success 2021 Digital Planner is out now! Looking for the latest digital planners for OneNote, check out our OneNote Digital Planner Shop.

With inspiration from the Franklin Covey Planning System, Full Focus and Passion Planner, we have revamped digital planning. If you’re looking for an iPad digital planner or Surface Pro digital planner, we’re excited to unveil what’s new in 2021!

The Key2Success 2021 digital planner builds on our 2020 model, and includes several new and expanded features to help you achieve your annual goal planning and digital planning goals.

Returning features include:

Your Ideal Week: designed to help you track and develop habits that are integrated into a plan. This tool will help you prioritize your daily plans on a global level.

Quarterly Reviews: a two-page spread that changes the way you approach each quarter. It breaks each goal down into 12-week segments, further broken down into three stages.

Typing ability!: You can now type in OneNote and your text will snap to the grid. If you prefer writing with your pen, that’s cool, too! Want to combine text and handwriting? You can do that in the 2021 digital planner!

Learn more about our Key2Success 2021 digital planning system in this video. Whether you need an iPad digital planner or Surface Pro digital planner, Key2Success digital planner is your go-to for achieving your goals.



Key2Success™ Daily Pages

Key2Success™ daily planner pages are designed to keep you focused on the action steps that will drive your success.

Unlocking the Key2Success™ starts each day with determining where you will dedicate most of your attention. This is commonly a project, developing a habit, building a relationship, or self-improvement.

The next key is indicating the 3 most important assignments that will drive home your goals – we call these the Key3™.

The Key2Success™ daily page provides you with a task list, a timeline of your day, note section, important calls, and opportunities. We will uncover how to make the most out of this page through our membership channel. So make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and Youtube page.

Key2Success™ IDEAL WEEK

Your Ideal Week starts by determining what is going to matter most this week. What is going to take up most of your attention? Then follows the Vision Board, which is a freestyle brainstorming space to write down what you want your week to look like. Think of it as a means of enabling a habit in your life. Write down what you want brought to the surface this week.

Next, Time Investment is a way to indicate and map how much of your time is being invested into various aspects of your life. It allows you to analyze your time and recognize those things that matter most to you. It’s in essence a tool to help you with time management.

The next page contains more specific tools to help you succeed with weekly digital planning, and beyond. These are things that are going to help you mentally prepare and will become a daily habit and pattern.

Key2Success™ Vision Board

The Vision Board has a space where you can just doodle and free write as you start your yearly planning. As a creative person using a digital planner, this is an important feature for me. I prefer to write my ideas, but you can type on the digital planner vision board, too. If you choose to doodle or write, it’s easy to select and move portions with many different devices.

As I start getting closer to mid-year, I will randomly go to my 2021 Vision Board to start planning for next year. For me, it helps to just doodle my ideas and get my thoughts and ideas down on “paper.” This space can be used however best suits your yearly digital planning, which is why it’s fairly simple. You should be able to customize it to your vision.

Key2Success™ Quarterly Review

Each quarter, use the quarterly review pages in your digital personal planner to make sure you are on track with your digital planning goals. The Annual Keys page in the Key2Success Digital Planner is designed to help kickstart your digital planning year, while the Quarterly Keys pages are there to help you measure your progress in key areas throughout the year, sketch your success, and develop a timeline to help maintain your focus on your goals.

The Quarterly Keys include some new features in the digital planner.

The first page contains the following tools:

  • Success Stretch – a free space to help brainstorm
  • Quarterly Motivation – echos the Annual Motivation and hones it
  • Focus-Forward-Routine – containers designed to help understand barriers and develop a plan to move forward and align your direction
  • Influencers – the people that are going to help you make a difference, helps motivate
  • Connections – key contributors to your plan, helps dig in and get the work done
  • Absolutes – the things you have to do this the pass or fail grade
  • Next Level– extra credit that will get you A+ work