Key2Success May 20
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The Annual Keys page in the Key2Success Digital Planner is designed to help kickstart your digital planning year in the best way possible – by providing you a space to outline your goals for the year.

There are four development areas included in the Annual Keys: Self, Relationships, Career, and Community. Each section contains a goal area for you to add your goal statement and the motivation behind it. Understanding why you have a goal is important because it will help you stay focused on your goal. Keep in mind that these four areas are interconnected (which I’ll explain more about below).

  • Self – This is the area of improving yourself! This can mean through education, or working on mental, physical, or spiritual health.
  • Relationships – These are the different connections in your world that you are making that might help you achieve your goals. This can be customers, coworkers, or even family and friends.
  • Career – Many people want to grow their careers and move forward as a professional. This can mean expanding product knowledge, growing their education, reading books.
  • Community – This is the area that encompasses something bigger than all of us, the things that surround us every day in our life. Volunteering and Bench Planning are examples of this. For example, growing your bench at work allows you to expand your own career goals.

My goal was to develop these key areas to help pioneer success. These development areas work off each other. For example, your personal fitness goal might involve relationship goals by joining a fitness club. Maybe you want to improve your spirituality, so you join a Bible Study (relationship, community). Maybe you want to personally read more (Self), so you join a book club (Relationship, Community, even Career).

Use each of these areas to further your success. Connecting your goals to these development areas can help spark ideas and organize your thoughts through digital planning.

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