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It includes page template for creating your own Tile Pages, Tiles included:

  • Business Budget Vision
  • Business Finance Goals
  • Account Management
  • Income and Expense Budgeting
    This tile works in OneNote or in GoodNotes and PDF Annotation Apps.

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Even though we offer walk-through videos and guided steps for installation support. We understand some achievers don’t want the hassle and would rather have professional support. You can schedule a time for our team to do a remote installation on your device.

Training sessions are conducted virtually over a zoom call. Branden will work with you to integrate the planning system into your planning workflow.


This expense tracker is a tool that helps individuals or businesses monitor, record, and manage their expenses. The primary purpose of an expense tracker is to keep a detailed record of money spent, categorize expenditures, and analyze spending patterns.

Here are some key features and benefits of expense trackers:

  1. Record Keeping: Expense trackers allow users to log all their expenses, including purchases, bills, and other financial transactions. This helps in maintaining a comprehensive record of where money is being spent.
  2. Categorization: Expenses are often categorized into different groups such as groceries, utilities, rent, entertainment, etc. Categorization helps users understand the breakdown of their spending and identify areas where they can potentially cut costs or budget more effectively.
  3. Budgeting: By tracking expenses over time, individuals can create budgets to allocate funds for different categories of spending. This enables better financial planning and ensures that individuals or businesses are living within their means.
  4. Financial Awareness: An expense tracker provides a clear picture of financial habits and patterns. It helps users become more aware of their spending behavior and make informed decisions to achieve financial goals.

Using an expense tracker is a proactive way to manage finances, avoid overspending, and work towards financial goals. It is a valuable tool for both personal finance management and business expense tracking.


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