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2024 OneNote Digital Planner System

The Key2Success 2024 OneNote Digital Planner System is designed for those that want a notebook, a planner, a goal setter, and more life tools on their person wherever they go! The 2024 OneNote digital planner contains several new and improved features.
A professional planning system that focuses on personal goal achievement, the Key2Success 2024 OneNote Digital Planner provides the daily, weekly and monthly management that is required for those who are thriving in their professional life.  The popular planning system has helped thousands of users worldwide and continues to evolve every year based on user feedback and industry trends.
The Key2Success 2024 Digital Planner designed for OneNote works with all devices, such as Windows Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, and Apple products like the iPad, and computers. And for those mobile users, download OneNote from the app store and connect your planner in the palm of your hand. Write or type on your digital planner.
Key2Success is also available for PDF annotation apps, including GoodNotes, Noteability, Noteshelf, reMarkable, Onyx Boox, Samsung Notes, and more.
The focus of the planner goes beyond just career development with establishing 4 key development area, self, community, relationship and career.
As digital planning continues to take hold and mobile computing becomes more interwoven into our daily lives, the 2024 Key2Success Planner aims to build on your strengths and increase your productivity.

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Note: Executive & Complete Editions includes 30 Minute 1-On-1 Video Session with Branden!

2024 onenote digital planner

The 2024 Key2Success OneNote Digital Planner comes in 4 Versions:

• Key2Success Personal
• Key2Success Professional
• Key2Success Business
• Key2Success Executive
The 2024 Key2Success Digital Planner will be available in Monday & Sunday start dates. The planner layout will be redesigned, becoming more modern and expanding your surface.
Also with the use of Tiles, you will be able to have optional 24-Hour Scheduling.
In 2024 the Key2Success Planning system expands long term planning goals, to help increase personal productivity. Planner start date is January 1, 2024.
“This digital planner will be the one that will move you forward each week,” said Bodendorfer, who also offers one-one-one training.
Along with bold layout changes, the 2024 Key2Success Planner will introduce new tools for professional and business development.
New in 2024:
  • All daily pages are tile-enabled for personal customization
  • Expanded Hyperlinks 
  • CRM – Tiles
  • Annual View
  • Monthly Live chats for Executive customers
New Tiles include:
  • Decision journal
  • 24-hour format
  • Contact list
  • Recipe book
  • Health Tracker
  • SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
  • Weekly view
  • Expanded Meetings
  • Project and Tasks


Key2Success 2024 OneNote Digital Planner


2024 Digital Planner


All 2024 Tools
  • OneNote Executive Planner
  • OneNote Hyperlink Executive Planner
  • PDF Executive Planner
  • e-Ink Executive Planner
  • Communication Planner
  • CRM Toolkit
  • Professional Builder Tools
  • Team Dev Tools
  • Decision Journal
  • ALL Available TILES
  • 30 Min w/ Branden
  • Insider Access
  • Remote Installation Session

Key2Success Tiles™

Tile – Daily

TILE EssentialTile Complete Pack
-33 %

Tile – Complete Pack


Tile – Sermon


Tile – Professional Pack

TILE EssentialTile Planning Pack 1
-14 %

Tile – Planning Pack


Tile – Business Budget


Tile – Essential Pack


Tile – Projects / Task


Tile – Contact List


Tile – Recipe Book


Tile – Meeting Pages


Tile – SWOT Analysis


What is Key2Success Tiles?

Tiles by Key2Success are customized layouts that you can embed in your planner to personalize the layout of each page. This provides you with expanded functions, such as 24-hour formatting, expanded notes, and much more.

Tiles are a way to customize your digital planner while still harnessing the tools available in the Key2Success Planning System. Our goal is to provide you with proven tools that help you achieve, while also giving you the flexibility to create a planner that works for your workflow.

Tiles are always being added to our planning system. Have an idea for a tile? Share with our team!

*Not all tiles are available for immediate download. All Tiles available Spring of 2023.

Learn About Tiles