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Customer Relationship Manager – CRM for OneNote Professionals

Digital planning can help you become a better salesperson. No matter your role, you are at some point communicating and connecting with customers. The Key2Success Digital Planning System now has a CRM Toolkit to help you maximize your productivity and improve your customer interactions, relationships, and outreach.

In his bestselling book, “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling,” Frank Bettger highlights the importance of good note-taking and record-keeping to be successful in selling.

Getting a sales team committed to using a CRM, such as ZOHO CRM or Salesforce is challenging. One of the major roadblocks is due to the fact that salespeople don’t want to have a computer in front of them during a customer interaction. Having the ability to write notes during a customer meeting is less distracting than if you’re typing notes. This is the first way that using the Key2Success Digital Planner can help.

The digital planner also helps you organize your sales.

The first page features a Client Board where you can include key information like account name, contact information, and notes. It’s important to outline why you are interested in a customer. When you discover a true interest with the customer, such as believing in their product or their leadership, that is going to encourage and motivate you to want to be a partner of theirs.

The Client Board also features six different containers to help the sales process, including:

  • Prospecting
  • Qualifying
  • Pitch
  • Value Proposition
  • Why Buy
  • Objectives

When you understand what a customer needs and how you can help them get this, your ability to sell drastically improves. What makes you different from other people that might be able to offer them this? Why are you the better buy?

When you write something down, your mind is more likely to remember it. By filling out these boxes, it reminds you why you are valuable to that customer.

The CRM Toolkit also includes a call log. Keeping track of calls is critical to sales success. Indicate the means of communication, call summary, and any follow-up that might be needed.

There is also a space to identify your timeline, jot down your thoughts, and brainstorm, as well as a section to outline and celebrate milestones. I encourage you to set goals!

This is your landing page for your customer management. This notebook is everywhere I go, on my devices. Use the CRM Toolkit to maximize productivity, and improve upon customer service, interactions, retention, and outreach.



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