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GoodNotes 6: A Comprehensive Guide

Greetings, digital planners and note-taking enthusiasts! Branden Bodendorfer here, the creator and founder of the Key2Success Planner. Today, I’m thrilled to share insights into the latest version of GoodNotes – version 6. Whether you’re a seasoned user or considering venturing into the world of digital planning and note-taking, this blog post is tailor-made for you.

Getting Started with GoodNotes 6

1. Creating Notebooks and Folders

GoodNotes 6 offers a versatile platform for your digital organization. Start by clicking on the ‘New’ button, where you can create notebooks, folders, additional notes, add images, and even import documents. Whether you’re using predefined templates or importing a digital planner, GoodNotes 6 provides a user-friendly interface to get you started.

2. Utilizing Writing Tools

Navigate the toolbar to access various writing tools, including drawing, typing, and recording. Explore options like the fountain pen, ballpoint pen, or brush pen, each with customizable settings. Dive into the writing experience, adjusting line thickness, colors, and more to suit your preferences.

3. Tips for Writing and Erasing

Discover the undo and redo features, pen eraser, highlighter, and additional tools to enhance your writing experience. GoodNotes 6 introduces a stroke eraser, allowing precise control over what you erase. The highlighter tool lets you create clean, straight lines for effective note-taking.

4. Importing Media and Text Boxes

Enhance your notes by importing photos, images, or adding text boxes. GoodNotes 6 facilitates seamless integration, allowing you to bring various media into your digital notebooks.

Advanced Features for Productivity

1. Eyedropper Tool for Custom Colors

Take advantage of the eyedropper tool to select custom colors, ensuring your writing experience is personalized to your preferences.

2. Converting Handwritten Notes to Text

GoodNotes 6 takes productivity to the next level by allowing you to convert handwritten notes into text. Utilize the lasso tool to select text, tap and hold to convert, offering flexibility in your note-taking process.

3. Enhancing Writing Experience with Accessories

Consider investing in accessories like a metal-tipped pen and a matte-like cover to improve the writing experience on your iPad. These additions provide a paper-like feel, enhancing precision and comfort during long note-taking sessions.

4. Sharing and Exporting Notes

GoodNotes 6 enables seamless collaboration and sharing. Utilize the share button to export notebooks, pages, or even mirror content for presentations. Explore various options to tailor the sharing process to your needs.

Final thoughts

GoodNotes 6 introduces a subscription model, and whether the upgrade is worth considering depends on your needs & wants. The ability to create hyperlinks and connect notes across different notebooks makes it a compelling choice for those seeking advanced functionalities.

GoodNotes 6 offers a robust platform for digital planning and note-taking. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newcomer, these tips and insights will help you make the most out of this powerful tool.

Happy note-taking, and may your digital journey be as productive as ever!

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