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Trimedia, Videography

Filming Football 

Filming Fooball – A live broadcast Over the last several years, we have looked to bring innovation to media. We choose to do so in rural America, its where we live and where we grew up. I am a strong believer that you don’t leave…


Solutionz – Asphalt Driveway Repair 

[baslider name=”SolutionRepairDriveway”] Before and After of Asphalt Repair Solutionz Winter in Wisconsin is hard on our paved surfaces. When we first arrived at this driveway, the owner was considering repaving the entire driveway. This would have costed the home owner a pretty penny. Our team…

In The News, Trimedia

Thermal Imaging Camera 

Getting Off the Ground with Thermal Imaging Currently, a┬áLuveelu, Jean Doty’s Cat, is missing the warmth of her home in Marshfield. We took an interest in seeing if we could provide a little of assistance in her save return. We haven’t been able to connect…


Premier Printing 

Premier Printing was established in 2004. Myself along with two young men thought we could make our own in the industry. We have purchased three other print shops through the years and have grown to one the leaders in the industry. We pride ourselves in…