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Business Tips Jan 31
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Fitting in is never wise, particularly when you’re running a business. This is a new business venture you’ve planned for some time and you’re eager to make it stand out. You need to give consumers a reason to come to you instead of wandering off to all the other companies with similar services to yours. 


How do you set yourself apart from the rest? 


Many business owners struggle with this yet there are plenty of ideas that come to mind. The recommended approach is to focus on these three concepts: 

Give Back To The Community

Businesses that give back to the local community will be revered above all others. If you do this, it’s a sign that you care about where you come from or where you’re operating. We can call upon many examples of companies doing this in real life, but a recent one is Millennia Companies. This business was in the news over the festive period for setting up loads of fun activities within the local community it works with, making life a bit easier for struggling families during the holidays. 


Stuff like this is excellent for your company as it shows you’re human. People see that you care about things other than profits, so they’re happy to support you. They know their money is going towards good causes supported by you. 

Offer Better Customer Service Than Everyone Else

Look at your nearest rivals and analyze their customer service. What can you provide that they’re lacking? Sometimes, it’s as simple as putting a live chat on your website. Nobody else does this, so your company immediately has better customer service. 


Going above and beyond for your customers will lead to loads of rave reviews and attract plenty of new people to your brand. Again, we’ve got loads of examples of great customer service putting a company in the limelight. Tesla springs to mind; they send out engineers and mechanics to fix people’s cars at their homes, rather than forcing them to go to a garage. It’s a subtle idea, but no other car companies do this. 


Apply this line of thinking to your business – see how you can offer better customer service than everyone else and you’re guaranteed to stand out. 

Implement An Excellent Loyalty Program

Speaking of customers, loyalty programs will help you stand out even more. Reward people for buying things from your business. Don’t have poxy rewards by the way; make them worthwhile. Uber does this wonderfully with Uber Rewards, a program that lets users earn points to redeem for a host of perks. 


You can turn your points into cash to spend on Uber Eats or Uber journeys, or they can unlock new perks like priority pickup or free cancellation. If people see value in coming to your business and spending money, they’re more likely to return again and again. Create an excellent loyalty program that draws people in and keeps them there. It’s a clear way of standing out; especially if your rivals don’t offer anything similar. 

Standing out isn’t as hard as it seems. All you need to do is analyze the competition and find flaws in what they do. Make your business better than theirs and you’ll be on the road to success.

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