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New OneNote Features You'll Want to Try Now

Are you eager to discover what OneNote has in store for you this year? The latest updates are here to revolutionize your note-taking experience, offering a myriad of new features and enhancements. Let’s take a closer look at nine exciting additions to OneNote, designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

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  1. Revamped Sticky Notes App: Bid farewell to the old Sticky Notes app as OneNote introduces a sleek and modernized version. With enhanced functionality including color customization, automatic source capture, and easy taskbar pinning, this new app is set to transform how Windows users manage their notes.

  2. Loop Integration: Collaborate seamlessly with Loop integration, allowing you to paste real-time collaborative components directly into OneNote from tools like Teams, Word, or Outlook. Say hello to effortless collaboration within your notes.

  3. Inserting Loop Components: Elevate your note-taking game by inserting loop components such as tables, task lists, or paragraphs directly into OneNote. Collaborate effortlessly and create dynamic notes that suit your project needs.

  4. New Home Screen on iPhone: iPhone users rejoice! A brand new home screen on OneNote offers improved navigation and accessibility options, making it easier than ever to manage your notes on the go.

  5. Ink Stickiness with Images and PDFs: Experience seamless annotation and organization with ink stickiness, allowing your ink to stay put on images and PDFs. Whether you’re circling important details or adding annotations, your ink stays where you want it.

  6. Ink to Text Pen Type: Convert handwritten notes into editable text effortlessly with the new ink to text pen type. Simply write out your notes, and watch as OneNote transforms them into editable text, saving you valuable time.

  7. Tap to Select with Ink Improvement: Select and manipulate ink with ease using tap to select improvements. Quickly select individual words, sentences, or paragraphs of ink and perform actions like conversion to text with ease.

  8. Teams Integration: Seamlessly integrate Teams with OneNote for a cohesive note-taking experience in your collaborative workspace. Automatically add a notes tab to new channels, simplifying organization and sharing within your team.

  9. Key2Success Digital Planner Integration: Elevate your project management game with the Key2Success digital planner, specially designed for OneNote. Seamlessly integrate this powerful planning tool into your OneNote workspace to streamline your projects and boost productivity.

Project Management, Templates and Integrations, Drawing and Handwriting, Collaboration, and Notebooks are just a few of the features offered by the Key2Success digital planner, enhancing your project management capabilities within OneNote.

By integrating these nine new features into your OneNote experience, you can unlock a world of possibilities for efficient note-taking, collaboration, and project management. Explore the latest updates and elevate your productivity with OneNote today!

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Special thanks to Microsoft’s Mike Tholfsen for his insight into the new OneNote features!

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