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digital planner for supernote

Digital Planner for Supernote 

Supernote is an elegant note taking device for writing, reading and annotation. The Key2Success Planner works on Supernote when you use the PDF version of the planner. For example, anything that works on GoodNotes will also work on Supernote (even if it doesn’t say it…


Creator’s Seat Stand Desk Review 

In this video, I review the Flexispot 47″ M3B-US Computer Riser sit stand desk! Sometimes, standing while working is a great way to get motivated and stay more fit. Sitting all day is not good for the human body, so having a desk that is…

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Open Notebook on Mobile OneNote 

After completing your installation of your OneNote Digital Planner, you may want to open your planner on your mobile devices. If so, please follow the steps below. If you have not imported your planner from your personal computer, please do so first. Click here to…