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Power on the GO, Is the newest Goal Zero Power Bank

Goal Zero recently introduced a new power bank that replaces their current Sherpa 100AC power bank. The new power bank is a complete rebuild from the ground up to meet the power supply needs of the latest electronics.

This TSA approved portable power solution just might be for you. In the video I discuss the newest features and give you an honest product review.

Over the last few years usb-c has become a house-hold name in the cable industry. The cable is used to support data and charging for many devices, including mobile phones, cameras, tablets and many laptops.

The cable has a lot of flexiblity in use and ranges in power supply so its a natural choice for many eletronic manufactures. However, there hasn’t been the same surge in power banks that support the range of us. That’s until the new Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC.

The new power bank packs a lot of great feature and a few that will surpise you. In this video I discuss these features and how I use the power bank. Four big upgrades that really set this apart is:

  • Intergated AC Outlet
  • Dual 60-watt Usb-C power ports
  • Wireless charging
  • Interactive OLED Display

Out of the box the device comes with four cables and an innovated means of storing them. Cables include: Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C, and USB-C to USB-C.

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