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Franklin Covey has long been recognized as a leader in paper planning systems. However, for those seeking a digital alternative to the traditional Franklin Planner, the Key2Success Digital Planner offers a comparable solution. This professional planning system is designed to help individuals achieve their goals while providing the daily, weekly, and monthly management necessary for success in their personal and professional lives. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Key2Success Digital Planner as an excellent digital alternative for Franklin Covey users.

The Key2Success Planner: A Seamless Transition to Digital Planning: The Key2Success Planner is tailored to meet the needs of individuals who are transitioning from paper planning to digital planning. It allows users to maintain the core principles of effective planning while leveraging the convenience and versatility of a digital platform. Here are some key features of the Key2Success Digital Planner:

  1. Professional Planning System: The Key2Success Planner provides a comprehensive framework for setting and achieving goals in various areas of life. It goes beyond career development by incorporating four key development areas: self, community, relationships, and career.

  2. Vision Board: The digital planner includes a drawing area where users can visualize and articulate their long-term aspirations. The vision board allows for a big-picture perspective, enabling users to define their future goals and aspirations.

  3. Key Boulders: This section helps users identify and address the challenges they are currently facing. By acknowledging and focusing on these challenges, users can develop strategies to overcome obstacles and stay on track towards their goals.

  4. Key Resources: Users can determine the resources they need to achieve their goals and identify the ones currently available to them. This feature ensures efficient resource allocation and helps users make the most of their available assets.

  5. Key Values: Users can establish their fundamental beliefs and core values. By clarifying these principles, individuals can align their goals and actions with their personal values, resulting in a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment.

  6. Key Vitals: This feature enables users to track their progress and measure their accountability. By setting measurable indicators, individuals can evaluate their performance and determine if they are on track towards their desired outcomes.

  7. 10-Year Target: The planner encourages users to dream big and define long-term goals. This section allows individuals to align their shorter-term goals with their overarching aspirations, ensuring consistency and alignment in their planning efforts.

  8. Absolutes: Users are prompted to identify their strongest asset and establish an exit strategy. By defining their non-negotiables, individuals can stay motivated and make decisions that align with their ultimate objectives.

  9. Accountable Actions: This section outlines the responsibilities of the user and their core team. By assigning tasks and tracking progress, individuals can enhance accountability and collaboration within their professional and personal endeavors.

  10. Routine: The planner emphasizes the importance of establishing patterns and processes that guide progress. By incorporating routines and rituals, users can develop effective habits that support their goal achievement.

  11. Goals: Users can identify and set goals for the next three years. This feature helps individuals cultivate a proactive mindset and ensures they remain focused on their long-term vision while taking actionable steps in the present.

  12. Organizational Impact: The planner prompts users to reflect on the potential impact their success will have on their business or organization. This encourages individuals to consider the broader implications of their goals and motivates them to strive for meaningful outcomes.

  13. Reaction/Adaptation: The digital planner includes a section for users to assess their progress, adapt their strategies, and plan their next steps. This promotes continuous improvement and agile planning.

The Key2Success Digital Planner serves as an excellent digital alternative for Franklin Covey users seeking to transition from paper planning to a digital planning system. By incorporating a professional planning framework and embracing digital convenience, the Key2Success Planner offers a comprehensive solution for managing personal and professional goals. Whether you are an individual striving for success or a team looking to enhance productivity, the Key2Success Digital Planner can be a valuable tool on your journey towards achievement. To learn more about the Key2Success Planner, visit and embark on a digital planning experience that will propel you forward each week.

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Application works across Apple devices. Great for iPad, Mac and iPhone users. PDF Annotation App designed for Note-Taking

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