Apple Vision Pro Virtual Display Editing In Lightroom
Photography Feb 07
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Using Apple Vision Pro as a Virtual Lightroom Studio

As a photographer juggling community events and breaking news, finding time and space to edit can be a constant battle. Stuck with a 14-inch laptop screen often means sacrificing detail and compromising on efficiency. Enter the Apple Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset promising a virtual workspace and a potential editing game-changer.

Can the Vision Pro truly replace your trusty monitor for Lightroom editing? Let’s dive into the pros and cons to see if it lives up to the hype:


  • Unleash the Pixels: Imagine editing on a massive virtual display that fills your entire field of view. No more squinting at tiny details – the Vision Pro promises an immersive experience that lets you truly appreciate your photos.
  • Portable Editing Studio: Ditch the bulky monitor setup! The Vision Pro’s portability means you can edit anywhere, anytime. Perfect for those on-the-go moments or cramped hotel rooms.
  • Enhanced Focus: Block out distractions with the headset’s immersive environment. Say goodbye to window notifications and curious onlookers, and hello to laser-focused editing sessions.
  • Intuitive Eye and Hand Controls: Imagine adjusting sliders and navigating palettes with just your eyes and hand gestures. This futuristic interface could offer a unique and potentially faster editing workflow.


  • Color Accuracy Concerns: Early reviews raise concerns about color accuracy, a crucial aspect for photographers. Without perfect color representation, edits might translate poorly to other screens. Personally, this is a mirror concern and the pros outweigh. 
  • Performance Potential: Demanding software like Lightroom can push hardware limits. Can the Vision Pro handle smooth performance and complex edits without lag or glitches? See for yourself in the video.
  • The Learning Curve: Mastering eye and hand controls for precise editing might take some time and practice. Adapting to a new interface could initially slow down your workflow. However, after about 15 minutes of using it, the experience is enjoyable.
  • Price Tag: The Vision Pro comes with a hefty price tag. Is it a worthwhile investment for your specific needs and budget?

The Verdict:

The Apple Vision Pro’s potential as a virtual Lightroom studio is exciting. The large display, portability, and immersive environment offer clear advantages for photographers on the move. However, color accuracy concerns, performance limitations, and the learning curve raise valid questions.

The final call depends on your individual needs and priorities. If you prioritize portability and a unique editing experience, the Vision Pro might be worth exploring. However, if color accuracy and seamless performance are paramount, sticking with your trusty monitor might be the wiser choice for now.

This video will delve deeper into these aspects, showcasing live demonstrations of editing in Lightroom on the Vision Pro. We’ll explore the interface, assess performance, and discuss potential workflows. Watch on to see if the future of photo editing truly lies in mixed reality!

Remember, this is just the beginning! As technology evolves, the Vision Pro and similar devices could become essential tools for photographers. Stay tuned for further updates and explorations as we navigate the exciting world of virtual editing studios.

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