Trimedia Sep 20
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Filming Fooball – A live broadcast

Over the last several years, we have looked to bring innovation to media. We choose to do so in rural America, its where we live and where we grew up. I am a strong believer that you don’t leave to chase something great, you work to build greatness.

In this era we have a real opportunity to connect with people from anywhere, whenever, whereever they are. Our rural communities are shrinking as kids chase the city lights. I know if we show them that you can be great and reach greatness in your own backyard, our villages will thrive.

I love my grandparents, dearly, however often they speak how techonlogy is spoilling us. I firmly believe that with techonlogy we can see a rebirth.

So I love fliming, live streaming, football games, because we are able to reach tens of thousands of people throughout our area. We are able to place a spotlight on the students, the communities and the fans like never before.

Follow our communities and their journy as we cover #whatmattersmost:

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