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Getting Off the Ground with Thermal Imaging

Currently, a Luveelu, Jean Doty’s Cat, is missing the warmth of her home in Marshfield. We took an interest in seeing if we could provide a little of assistance in her save return. We haven’t been able to connect with the pet owner in person yet.  However based off of the description of the post on facebook yesterday, we took to the sky near the location she was reported lost.

Recently, you read a story where we helped find a lost dog. That story brought national attention to what we are trying to do locally, which is help public safety and aid in search and rescue. One of the big tools we were in need of was an thermal imaging camera.


Through our GoFundMe page we were able to raise nearly $1000 towards a camera. Based on the commitment from the community we invested an additional $3000. Today, we have a latest technology in thermal imaging, however the camera is currently fixed to our drone. We are in need of a gimbal and controller so we can move the camera and change settings while we are in the air. These additional components cost about $1200 and greatly increase our capability. If you are interested in supporting our cause learn more here:

20171206 143654In addition to needed equipment we are looking for individuals that would be willing to help aid us with our ground efforts. If you are interested please feel free to contact us.

For Luveelu, we spent a bit of time yesterday searching a 6 block radius. Through our search we were not able to locate the cat, however we located a few residents and we saw a handful of homes that had their garage doors open. We hope that the cat has found a place to keep warm during these chilly nights. We are going to attempt to reach out to the pet owner again today to see if we can provide some additional support.

If you want to learn more about lost and found pets, Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS) recently released a new brochure.

Marshfield Area Pet Shelter (MAPS) is dedicated to helping animals in need, and with hundreds of stray cats and dogs entering their temporary shelter facility every year, it’s always a happy moment when an animal can be reunited with its family.

“MAPS comes across hundreds of homeless pets and many of the strays that come in have to have a family that is missing them,” said Megan Jasurda, MAPS Lost and Found Coordinator.


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