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Personal Digital Planning

The Key2Success Planner is designed to help you succeed in digital planning and in life! Each quarter, use the quarterly review pages in your digital personal planner to make sure you are on track with your digital planning goals. The Annual Keys page in the Key2Success Digital Planner is designed to help kickstart your digital planning year, while the Quarterly Keys pages are there to help you measure your progress in key areas throughout the year, sketch your success, and develop a timeline to help maintain your focus on your goals.

The Quarterly Keys include some new features in the digital planner.

The first page contains the following tools:

  • Success Stretch – a free space to help brainstorm
  • Quarterly Motivation – echos the Annual Motivation and hones it
  • Focus-Forward-Routine – containers designed to help understand barriers and develop a plan to move forward and align your direction
  • Influencers – the people that are going to help you make a difference, helps motivate
  • Connections – key contributors to your plan, helps dig in and get the work done
  • Absolutes – the things you have to do this the pass or fail grade
  • Next Level– extra credit that will get you A+ work

The second page contains the following tools:

  • 12-week timeline – outline your objectives for the next quarter, with one week designated for rest
  • Key spaces – free space areas to help you understand your action steps
  • Notes – section to help embrace and outline the whole section

Pages three and four are designed to:

  • Help you understand and reflect on where you are
  • Track progress
  • Journal your ideas
  • Analyze your successes
  • Provide a solid place of reflection

When outlining your Quarterly Keys, it’s important to review and incorporate your Annual Keys. By quarterly analyzing your accomplishments, challenges, and key results, you are able to redefine and redirect your annual goals. Key successes make an impact on your vision.

The Key2Success Digital Planner is a personal planner, a business planner, and a life planner! Use it to help you define and pursue your goals.

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