Planner Jun 21
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The Key2Success Digital Planning system is designed to help you achieve your goals. Our elaborate goal planning pages are organized  to help you plan and execute the goals you are hoping to accomplish.The 2021 goal planning page has helped me shape my goals and understand the action steps and benchmarks that I need to meet in order to achieve my goals.

Building off the Annual Keys page, the 2021 Goal Planner page contains the following:

  • Goal Summary
  • Reason for Goal
  • Brainstorming Area
  • Key Action Steps

Goal Summary is designed to provide a blueprint for your success, and helps you narrow down your goal to one of four key development areas: self, relationship, career, or community.

The Reason area is designed to help you unpack the motivation for your goal and also to establish milestones for goal measurement.

Brainstorm areas are so important to my goal planning as they allow me to freestyle and get creative in my process. I like to call it “brainmapping.”

The Key Action Steps area is an outline of key steps in reaching your goals.

As you work through the Key2Success Digital Planner, you’ll recognize that your goals can become linear paths, getting you closer and closer to the vision you have for you life. It all starts with owning each of these pages.

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