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Ideal Week Personal Digital Planning

Whether you are new to personal planning or a longtime advocate of digital planning, we know you are looking for the best digital planner to help you achieve your goals. Today we are going to review the Ideal Week page in the Key2Success Digital Planner. This page is one we encourage investing significant thought and time into.

Your Ideal Week starts by determining what is going to matter most this week. What is going to take up most of your attention? Then follows the Vision Board, which is a freestyle brainstorming space to write down what you want your week to look like. Think of it as a means of enabling a habit in your life. Write down what you want brought to the surface this week.

Next, Time Investment is a way to indicate and map how much of your time is being invested into various aspects of your life. It allows you to analyze your time and recognize those things that matter most to you. It’s in essence a tool to help you with time management.

The next page contains more specific tools to help you succeed with weekly digital planning, and beyond. These are things that are going to help you mentally prepare and will become a daily habit and pattern.

Morning Pre-flight: How you mentally prepare for the day

Morning Routine: The habits you want to develop and do every day

Attention investments: Incorporates the four key development areas (self, relationship, career, community) and helps you understand how each absorbs your attention

The Benefits of Time Block Planning

The next section is all about time block planning. There shouldn’t be appointments or meetings here. These are structured blocks of time that you are going to fit your life within. Tuesday morning might be your key project time. Thursday night might be family time. These blocks are important because they help you map out those activities that create success at a greater rate.

We look at events and activities, but when we start thinking about goals and milestones that we need to achieve those goals, are we blocking off time for those? The Ideal Week planning sheet is designed to provide an opportunity to develop a work/life balance.

We’re all different and we all have different seasons. Don’t compare your planner to your neighbors! Another tip: don’t try to plan for the whole year. Start with this month, then go from there. As you make your way through that planning session, learn from it and expand it. Put extra time into this page and recommit to it often.

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