Vision Board and Yearly Digital Planning

When I, Branden Bodendorfer, put together the Key2Success Digital Planner, I wanted a way to organize my vision and plan my year. I wanted the ability to sit down with my digital planner on the Surface Pro or iPad, open an application like, OneNote or GoodNotes, and plan effectively. In the 2021 Key2Success Digital Planning System, the Vision Board is one of my favorite pages as it is designed to help you outline your entire year. This helps direct your goals and actions throughout the rest of the planner.

This page consists of the following:

  • A Vision Board Area
  • A Vision Statement Area
  • Monthly Planning Blocks

The Vision Board has a space where you can just doodle and free write as you start your yearly planning. As a creative person using a digital planner, this is an important feature for me. I prefer to write my ideas, but you can type on the digital planner vision board, too. If you choose to doodle or write, it’s easy to select and move portions with many different devices.

As I start getting closer to mid-year, I will randomly go to my 2021 Vision Board to start planning for next year. For me, it helps to just doodle my ideas and get my thoughts and ideas down on “paper.” This space can be used however best suits your yearly digital planning, which is why it’s fairly simple. You should be able to customize it to your vision.

It helps to have one focus for every year, which is why I start with a Vision Statement. Whether micro or macro, that statement helps tie together the year. Then, there’s the monthly breakdowns. You’ll notice that each row represents a quarter, which is helpful as you get into your quarterly review pages in the digital planner. This monthly view also helps direct my Ideal Week page.

In conclusion, this page is simple, yet important. It helps you structure your year and organize your thoughts, ideas, and ambitions. Yearly digital planning is more efficient with help from a vision board!

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2021 OneNote Business Digital Planner

24 customer reviews


The Business version of the Key2Success Planner is designed for the professional, including expand sections like the CRM toolkit. In addition to all of the features of the personal planner, this user will receive additional templates and support for their profession.

Includes all the new 2021 Planner Templates and daily dated pages. (Click on links for examples)
Vision Board, Annual Keys, Goals, Projects, Notes, Meetings, Ideal Week, Daily Page, Weekly Review, Quarterly Review, Month-at-View, Vertical Month-at-View,

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Training sessions are conducted virtually over a zoom call. Branden will work with you to integrate the planning system into your planning workflow.


KEY2SUCCESS Digital Planner, Available for OneNote

The planner is designed for easy use, with the monthly views outlined at the beginning and the daily view on subsequent pages.

The 2021 OneNote Business Digital Planner is AVAILABLE FOR INSTANT DOWNLOAD

This premier version of the KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner is fully dated with monthly and weekly planners, with bonus pages for notes and additional lists.

This exclusive KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner has been designed as an OneNote calendar that can be used on any device on which the OneNote app is installed. This digital planner is not a physical notebook, rather a downloadable file that will ONLY work in OneNote. OneNote is available for Free Download on Apple and Android devices. A free version is available from Microsoft for desktop users. A subscription to Microsoft Office unlocks a pro version.


As part of your purchase you will receive access to our free training program. This 10 step program is delivered via email over the first 90 days.

24 reviews for 2021 OneNote Business Digital Planner

  1. Dean Livingston (verified owner)

  2. Perry Riggins (verified owner)

    It is simply the best for me. I spend quality time with my Keys2Success Planner on my Chromebook and stylus in hand.

  3. LINDA HENDERSON (verified owner)

    Would love to see weekly vertical calendar to log time for billing purposes. Otherwise the planner is great. I haven’t fully determined how to use all the templates. Will use the videos for learning these templates.

  4. Georg Heller (verified owner)

  5. Mark Speakman (verified owner)

    I like the look and feel so far but won’t really know how it works for me until Jan. when I’m able to start actually using it.

  6. David Kaplan (verified owner)

    I’m an early adopter kind of guy. I lived with my paper Day Timers for ever until my work collaboration forced me to digital tools. Keeping up both seemed wastefully redundant and never worked for me. Last year I created my own Day Timer pages as templates for One Note. It sort of worked, but not quite.

    Barely two weeks ago I came on Key2Success and after listening to a couple of Branden’s vBlogs purchased his OneNote Business Planner. I have one instance running on my 13″ Lenovo laptop and another running on my Samsung Tab 6 with s-Pen beside me like a notebook. Both machines, as well as my Samsung Note 9 have precise stylus input. I know it’s nuts to say after only a couple of weeks use, but after a very short learning curve my productivity and sanity have increased noticeably.

    I’ve occasionally invested in working with business coaches over the years. Ten minutes of Branden’s vBlog, along with the OneNote templates that would have taken me too damn long to build myself, (although, as I said, I started last year,) was well worth the price of admission.

  7. Brian (verified owner)

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    So far… it is good… taking time to adjust to digital planner versus my paper Franklin Planner… doing redundant effort right now as I adjust… but definitely commit to this as the future

  9. Billy Pullum (verified owner)

    Templates are well designed and clean. Many triggers that help in planning your day/week/quarter/year. Makes weekly and quarterly reviews as part of a GTD process easy and quick. The One Note format gives me many options to customize and add pages as my business, life and priorities shift.

  10. Fanis K. (verified owner)

  11. Gerald (verified owner)

  12. Mark A Lencioni (verified owner)

    Very well put together planner for One note, this is the my 2nd year using his templates, well worth the cost to help me be more productive everyday, works seamless with my Microsoft Surface Go.

  13. Kira A. (verified owner)

    It’s working very well so far! Was able to add some of my own customization options. Well thought out planner.

  14. Christoph (verified owner)

    Lot of options to choose from. Maybe too much on some point.
    Clear, structured layout

  15. john cesta (verified owner)

    I’ve tried them all this one is the best.

  16. Michael D. (verified owner)

    Lots of promise. Just starting to explore the multiple different sections. Fiddly to get it to sync across multiple devices linked to the same onenote account, but this is more of a Microsoft issue.

  17. Audrey Murphy (verified owner)

    Finally, a digital planner I can actually use. This is the perfect digital planner that you can customize to meet your needs.

  18. William (verified owner)

    Still getting used to, but it has everything I was looking for.

  19. Anonymous (verified owner)

  20. John Whalen (verified owner)

    I was quite pleased with the digital planner. I have struggled to find a suitable planner that crosses the bridge of electronic and handwritten. Nothing I found previously worked to my satisfaction. This planner fits the bill. I am currently using the planner on my MS Surface and hopefully soon, on a yet to arrive Surface Duo. The fact that I can type (if I choose) or write (if I choose) is a game changer for me.

    Looking forward to the 2022 version.

  21. William Chegwidden (verified owner)

  22. Kristin Streich (verified owner)

    Branden and his team have created an excellent product in their OneNote Business Digital Planner. The planner is intuitive, user friendly, and combines the best of both worlds for both hand-written and digital planners. Using his planner daily has already increased my own productivity and goal progress accountability. We will be purchasing this product for each new psychologist we hire. I highly recommend trying his OneNote Business Digital Planner whether you are starting or scaling your business.

    Dr. Kristin R. Streich, PLP, LSSP
    Bear Creek Behavioral Health

  23. David Smeltzer (verified owner)

  24. Tara (verified owner)

    I was so pleased to find an electronic version of a daily planner. I appreciate the convenience and detail of having it right at my fingertips.

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