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Establishing a Routine is Important to Success

As we enter March, many of you have talked to me about establishing a pace for reaching your goals. I wanted to spend today’s podcast talking about the importance of setting a routine. Routines give us the opportunity to introduce new habits, build stronger relationships, and help us work through those endless daily tasks. Challenges are a lot easier to overcome when you have a routine in place.


Here are 5 tips to finding success through developing a strong routine.

  1. Write out your vision – Start by listing the tasks and priorities on your plate. Include daily to-do’s, small tasks, and what you want to add to your plate.
  2. Chart how you want to invest your time – Allocate time for friends, family, and work. Include time for job responsibilities, as well as time for development.
  3. Create Structured Routines – In the Key2Success Planning System, we focus on 4 important routines:
    1. Morning pre-flight
    2. Morning routine
    3. Evening routine
    4. Nightly pre-launch, some like to call this wind down
      The philosophy is to start your day with mental readiness, followed by a morning physical routine. Then, end your day with a physical routine and by taking time to mentally review and prepare time for the upcoming day.
  4. Schedule out an ideal week – An ideal week is an important part of maintaining a routine
  5. Schedule in Flex-Time – We make plans, but life happens. By having flex time scheduled into your ideal week, you will better be able to navigate those challenges that manifest unexpectedly. Flex time also allows you to set aside time for non-routine assignments, such as getting your hair done, doctor’s appointments, an any social hiccups that might introduce themselves.

Routines are important because they give us the opportunity to introduce new habits we are trying to develop, build stronger relationships in our life, and even help us with working through our daily tasks.

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