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remarkable 3

ReMarkable 3 - History and Speculation

There has been a lot of speculation about ReMarkable 3 – including features, release date, and more.

First, a look back… The ReMarkable is an E Ink writing tablet designed for tasks such as reading documents, textbooks, sketching, and note-taking with the aim of replicating the experience of paper writing.

It was developed by a Norwegian startup company called ReMarkable and is targeted towards students, academics, and professionals. (Key2Success Planner is available for use on ReMarkable devices. To learn more, click here!)

History: The company was founded by Magnus Wanberg, and product development began in Oslo in early 2014. The collaboration with the Taiwanese company E Ink played a significant role in the device’s development. The project started in 2013, and a crowdfunding campaign was launched in late 2016. Pre-orders for the device started in 2017.

The second generation, ReMarkable 2, was announced on March 17, 2020, marketed as the ‘World’s Thinnest Tablet.’ It was released in August 2020 with a selling price of US$399, excluding the marker.

Operating System: ReMarkable uses its own operating system called Codex, which is based on Linux and optimized for electronic paper display technology.

Community Support: Due to Codex being based on Linux and having an open-source ecosystem, the device has gained community projects and 3rd party software support. The device is accessible through SSH, allowing the installation of 3rd party software. Toltec, a community-maintained free software repository, provides many packages. The Cloud system has been reverse engineered, and an open-source alternative has been created.

Alternative Operating Systems: An alternative free operating system, Parabola-rM, has been developed to replace Codex. It aims to turn the device into a full-fledged computer, allowing typical desktop Linux applications to run, although it is not a supported configuration.

Subscription: In October 2021, ReMarkable introduced a connect plan with a monthly subscription of $5 for its Connect Lite plan or $8 for the Connect plan with unlimited cloud storage. However, this was withdrawn in September 2022, and some of the original features that were withdrawn were made available to all ReMarkable owners, with a reduced Connect plan price of $2.99 per month.

Reception: The first-generation Remarkable 1 faced criticism for sluggishness when loading and unloading files. Some users found the lack of integrations with other software limiting, and the absence of an official third-party app ecosystem was noted. The second-generation Remarkable 2, released in May 2020, was praised for excelling at handwritten notes but received mixed reviews for its limitations in other functionalities. Some saw the lack of distractions as a positive aspect.

ReMarkable 3 Speculation

There is no official release date for ReMarkable 3 as of this posting (on January 12, 2024), however here is what we do know about ReMarkable 3:

  • ReMarkable conducted pre-sales for the first and second editions six months in advance to showcase demand. However, there has been no announcement of any such activity at the moment.
  • The most reliable indicator that reMarkable is developing a product for future release is to monitor their submissions to the Federal Communications Commission at

    • Their latest submissions, dated October 2021, introduced a new model number for the rM2, distinguishing various packaging configurations. 

    • In the event of reMarkable working on a new device, these submissions would likely reveal details approximately 12 to 18 months before the product’s release.

    • The absence of any new submissions suggests that the possibility of an rM3 being in development is currently very remote.

  • No technology or design patents have been filed yet for ReMarkable 3

Features we hope for in the ReMarkable 3 that will enhance digital planning

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