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Setting Up OneNote For Note Taking | Windows OneNote Users

The benefits of digital note-taking when it comes to using OneNote are endless. Today, we uncover a few pro-tips to help improve your productivity and efficiency with using Windows OneNote. Many people who digital plan are looking to organize and streamline their day-to-day life, along with establish a plan to achieve their goals. By utilizing some pro tips, the digital planning process becomes even more streamlined (and fun)!

Setting up quick commands in OneNote will speed up your note taking abilities. If you are using OneNote for digital planning you will see the benefits of being able to quick job from your pen tool to highlighting text or switching to the lasso so you can move, copy or resize a selection. Time is money and any time you can save means more time to invest elsewhere.

If you are just starting to use OneNote for digital planning or note-taking or you are a long time user, this set up method will benefit your workflow. Check out the video for full details on speeding up your digital planning and optimizing your time.

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