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How can you use the Key2Success Planner to help prepare your focus for 2021? A daily planner is a great way to start planning your year.

Branden recently held a Jump Start Session and wanted to share that video to help get your year started. There are three pages that help serve as the cornerstone, helping transforms goals into priorities and priorities into action steps.

These pages are:

  1. Vision Board
  2. Ideal Week
  3. Quarterly Review

When diving into the Key2Success Planner, start by looking at your vision for the year. This is the Big Picture.

Then, use your Big Picture to begin examining your Ideal Week. What action items can you incorporate that support your Big Picture. Determine where you have opportunities to grow and start structuring your day so that you have the ability to grow and reach your goals. This is where the vision transforms into the practical.

Finally, look at each individual Quarterly Review as a new fresh start. This is where the work truly begins.

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