Key2Success Jan 05
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In this podcast series, we’re examining how to accomplish your goals in 2021 through digital planning.

Many of us that go through the change of the clock that is the new year and think we’ll just hit our goals and ambitions right off the bat.

Establishing a routine, then understanding and adapting your routine, is key to becoming a successful planner. There are always actions we can take to “turn the dial up” just a bit to provide for extra returns.

Today, I want to talk about 2021. What does it mean to become a strong successful planner?

It’s all about establishing urgency in your plans.

Key takeaways:

  • We are a society that thrives off of urgency
  • Same routine means same results
  • Annualized planning should be used, but make your goals attainable through steps
  • It’s important to start NOW

Most of us have great ideas and intentions, but we do not have great execution. How are you going to restructure your routine to allow time and energy to maximize your own productivity?

If a goal that you have is out of reach, make it realistic, but look at what you can execute every day to move closer to that goal – because it will make a huge difference in 2021.

Watch to learn more!

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