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Best Keyboard Shortcut for OneNote

The note taking application OneNote is a productivity powerhouse for many professional users. When it comes to efficiency, having a set of keyboard shortcuts that maximize your time is worth learning. OneNote Keyboard shortcuts are simple to use, but can save a lot of time when digital planning or navigating through the application.

Here is a list of the best keyboard shortcuts for OneNote. Review the list and choose 2 or 3 shortcuts to add to your daily use today. Over time, review the list and continue to use these shortcuts.

Treat these shortcuts as onenote-hacks.

Shortcut Keys Description
Ctrl + N Create a new page within the Notebook
Ctrl + M Open a new OneNote window
Ctrl + O Open a Notebook
Ctrl + S Synchronise the Notebook
Ctrl + P Print current page
Ctrl + T Create a new section
Ctrl + A Select all items on the page
Ctrl + Z Undo. Undo. Undo. Need I say more?
Ctrl + Y Redo the last action
Ctrl + X Cut text or item
Ctrl + C Copy text or item
Ctrl + V Paste text or item
Ctrl + B Apply Bold formatting
Ctrl + I Apply Italics formatting
Ctrl + U Apply Underline formatting
Ctrl + E Search all Notebooks
Ctrl + F Search current page
Ctrl + K Insert a hyperlink
Ctrl + L Align paragraph to Left
Ctrl + R Align paragraph to Right
Ctrl + mouse wheel Zoom page in and down
Ctrl + Shift + M Create a Quick Note
Alt + F4 Close OneNote
F7 Spell Check
F11 Enable/Disable Full Page View
Page Up Scroll up the current page
Page Down Scroll down the current page
Ctrl + Alt + 1 Apply Heading 1 style
Ctrl + Alt + 2 Apply Heading 2 style
Ctrl + Alt + 3 Apply Heading 3 style
Ctrl + Alt + 4 Apply Heading 4 style
Ctrl + Alt + 5 Apply Heading 5 style
Ctrl + Alt + 6 Apply Heading 6 style
Ctrl + Shift + N Apply the Normal style
Ctrl + Home Scroll to top of the current page
Ctrl + End Scroll to the bottom of the current page

To see a full list of all shortcuts available in OneNote, use the F1 key to access the built-in Microsoft OneNote Help feature and search for keyboard shortcuts.

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