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Lighting Adapter for iPhone is Broken

In this post, I reflect on my experience using the DJI Osmo Pocket. I have owned the Osmo Pocket since its release date. Yes, I purchased the device on my own.

To date, the device really fills a gap in my gear line-up. Many times I find myself, wanting to take a video of something, however, pass on the opportunity. This is solely due to the fact that I don’t want to take the time to set up my gear or simply by the time I do the shot opportunity has passed. This is where the OP (Osmo Pocket) comes in very handy.

With that in mind, I am a firm believer that the OP was designed to be in its simplest state, no attachments. However, if you are a tech nerd or gearhead, you want the accessories. Part of you feels you can’t truly function, without them, even if you rarely use them.

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In this case, this first generation Osmo Pocket is packed with additional features, including a PRO mode which is only accessible when connected to a phone. The phone also provides you with a much larger display.

I carry my phone with me naturally every day, so attaching the OP seems logical if I am looking to go to the next level with the video capabilities. And with that being said, within the first 10 days of using my Osmo Pocket, I broke the lighting adapter while having my iPhone connected.

In this video, I discuss the moment I broke my Osmo Pocket Lighting Adapter and my thoughts on the experience. I was impressed by the fact that even through the drop the OP kept recording and bounced right back.

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