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Planner Dec 03
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Supernote is an elegant note taking device for writing, reading and annotation. The Key2Success Planner works on Supernote when you use the PDF version of the planner. For example, anything that works on GoodNotes will also work on Supernote (even if it doesn’t say it explicitly in the description).

Use the Key2Success Planner on Supernote to write notes, sketch, annotate printed documents, read e-books and unleash your creativity with the distraction-free digital notebook. Be sure to check out the new Communications Planner if you are looking to up your digital marketing game!

What’s great about the Supernote for digital planning is it has a pen with signature hard nib + self-recovery soft film technology simulates the natural feel of handwriting, delivering realistic ink flow with virtually no latency. By using a digital planner on this device, you are able to store data securely in the cloud without fear of loss and have it easily accessible everywhere.

All the planners on this page are compatible with Supernote:

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