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If you work in digital marketing, are a content planner, or just want to get more organized with your content strategy in 2022, the 2022 Digital Content Planner is something you’ll want to add to your toolbox. Designed by professionals in the digital marketing field, this planner is designed to increase your productivity and reach in digital marketing.

Use this communication planner to engage in a strategy that benefits your goals and vision. Compatible on OneNote or PDF annotation applications like GoodNotes, NoteShelf, Notability (& more) on your iPad, ReMarkable, Supernote, Samsung Tab (& more).

As we moved deeper into digital planning, we’ve developed more tools to help outside of just daily, monthly, and annual planning. Whether you want to grow membership, expand your reach, increase brand awareness, improve customer experience, or develop continuity in your messaging, the Digital Content Manager can help.

One of our biggest goals with this planner was to not only look for your social media plans for today and tomorrow, but also to develop a marketing strategy that helps you reach your vision, goals, and campaigns.

Utilize pages like the Vision Board and Annual Keys to manage your schedule and plan your strategy across social and print platforms. The planner is hyperlinked and easy to navigate.

Learn more about the Digital Content and Communications Planner in the video.

Communications Planner ReMarkable SuperNote Post Plan
-30 %

2022 Digital Content Planner for OneNote

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $34.99.
Social Media Post PlannerSocial Media Planner for IPad
-30 %

2022 Digital Content Planner for PDF – GoodNotes-Noteshelf-Notability

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $34.99.
Social Media Marketing Planner ReMarkable SuperNoteCommunications Planner ReMarkable SuperNote Post Plan
-30 %

2022 Digital Content Planner for ReMarkable and SuperNote

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $34.99.

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