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Digital Planning on the iPad Mini 6

Apple released the latest update to the iPad line-up. The iPad mini is in its 6th generation and with the latest version comes a set of pro features in a not-so pro-like device. These features include a larger screen and 2nd generation Apple Pencil support, making this a powerful paper-like device that is pocketable.

Those that are looking for a small tablet that packs a punch for note-taking and digital planning should consider learning about the 2021 iPad Mini.

At first, I wanted the fingerprint scanner and the ability to use the 2nd generation pencil. Once I got the device in my hands, that’s when I really became impressed.

Differences in this version: You lose that home button, but you have to let it go because it improves the bezel of the screen! This makes it a powerful device for note-taking.

Whether using OneNote or other PDF annotation app to digital plan, the iPad mini 6th is a tool that is easy to use. The camera is also a great improvement in this device, which can come in handy if you need to add a photo to your digital planner (like a photo of a receipt).

Keep in mind that you can’t sync between OneNote and a PDF app, or across iPad and a device like a Samsung Note. Wondering how to sync with your calendar? Read more about that here. Note that on the iPad Mini 6, you can do split screen and have your calendar and planner up at the same time.

Check out the video for more tips!

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