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YouTube Star, Possible Casey Neistat Comeback, NFL Rewind on Packers, Aaron Rodgers

OnFocus – Branden Bodendorfer and Carrie Gillaspie are back with another episode of the OnFocus podcast to give you a mix of local, regional, and nationwide news and current events.

Topics covered in this episode:

Carrie shares what new Netflix show she binged over the weekend and how excited she is that football is back.
Carrie gives expert analysis on the Packers win over the Vikings, and shares some her opinion on how Aaron Rodgers is approaching this season.
C and B talk about where they were and how they felt when September 11th happened.
Branden is excited about mega huge Youtuber, Casey Neistat, possibly making a comeback, and Carrie likens his return to Youtube to that of MJ’s return to the Bulls.
C and B discuss Candance Cameron-Bure’s “risque” photo with her husband and whether they think the criticism is warranted.
Finally, Branden tells us about an incredible fundraiser that took place for an amazing cause in our community.
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