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The much-anticipated release of the Microsoft Surface Duo has many note takers and daily planners wondering if this device is the productivity device they have been longing for.
Microsoft released the plans for a surface-like phone nearly a year ago. At that time it had been rumored for years that we would see a device that was like a surface and like a phone.
Questions like:
Will this device be widely accepted?
How will handwriting work?
Are the duo screens even manageable?
How will this device work with apps like OneNote?
Will the form factor and hardware compete in the market?
These questions have been circling for some time and now we can officially say we have some of the answers.
Through our first impressions video we covered some of the questions that addressed the form factor and hardware as well as our first look at the operating system.
In this video we are going to look at:
  • Digital Note Taking on the Surface Duo
  • OneNote on the Surface Duo
  • Daily Digital Planning with the Surface Duo
  • Professional Multi-tasking with email, calendar, OneNote and basic productivity apps.
This device begins to answer some of the concerns that I have had with digital planning when I am mobile. Using the Microsoft Surface Duo with the Key2Success Planner has refreshed my motivation for digital planning and note-taking.
Learn more about the Key2Success Planner:

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