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2021 OneNote Personal Digital Planner

22 customer reviews


Digital copy of the 2021 Key2Success Planner for Onenote.

Works with many leading devices, such as, iPad, Surface Pro, Surface Duo, Samsung Note, Samsung Tab and any  Windows, Android or Apple device with OneNote installed.

Includes all the new 2021 Planner Templates and daily dated pages. (Click on links for examples)
Vision Board, Annual Keys, Goals, Projects, Notes, Meetings, Ideal Week, Daily Page, Weekly Review, Quarterly Review, Month-at-View, Vertical Month-at-View,

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Training sessions are conducted virtually over a zoom call. Branden will work with you to integrate the planning system into your planning workflow.


KEY2SUCCESS Digital Planner, Available for OneNote

The planner is designed for easy use, with the monthly views outlined at the beginning and the daily view on subsequent pages.

This premier version of the KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner is fully dated with monthly and weekly planners, with bonus pages for notes and additional lists.

This exclusive KEY2SUCCESS™ Planner has been designed as a OneNote calendar that can be used on any device on which the OneNote app is installed. This digital planner is not a physical notebook, rather a downloadable file that will ONLY work in OneNote. OneNote is available for Free Download on Apple and Android devices. A free version is available from Microsoft for desktop users. A subscription to Microsoft Office unlocks a pro version.


As part of your purchase you will receive access to our free training program. This 10 step program is delivered via email over the first 90 days.

22 reviews for 2021 OneNote Personal Digital Planner

  1. Deborah H. (verified owner)

    Not sure what I am being asked to rate here. If the links work as advertised, it will be great.

  2. Dawn W. (verified owner)

  3. Rich Weilacher (verified owner)

    The new updated planner looks awesome. Looking forward to using. However I do wish here were monthly calendars for the following year for extended scheduling.

  4. JOSE YAZBEK (verified owner)

    I was a former user of Stephen Covey agendas. Key2Success is an enhanced version, helping me organize my day, week and quarter, providing one place to all my notes w/o space limitation of the paper planning. Handwriting or typying is a must have application for any business people.

  5. Scott Nelson (verified owner)

    I love the new 2021 pages. They are awesome! Also the new Ideal Weak, Team Page and the Quarterly Review pages are awesome. This planner has helped me tremendously the past 7 months and look forward to using it all the way through 2021 and beyond.

  6. Steven Robbins (verified owner)

  7. Scott Nelson (verified owner)

    2021 is the second year that I am using the Outlook version of the planner, and the new page design and the new pages are absolutely great. I love the addition of the fitness section to match the Goodnotes pages. I also love the way the 2021 snaps to the lines when typing. Gives greater flexibility now. I can type or handwrite with ease. The greatest thing though are the new weekly, quarterly, and yearly pages as well as the team week. The redesign or creation of these pages makes a lot more sense than in the past. For 2020 I bought Both the Outlook and Goodnotes pages, but I think I used the Goodnotes pages more, I had originally pre-purchased the Goodnotes version, but after seeing the videos of the Outlook version decided to get the 2021 Outlook as well. So far the pre-planning I have done using the 2021 pages has been great. Good job!

  8. Thomas Curtiss (verified owner)

    I have been looking for an electronic day planner and this fits the bill perfectly. I am anxious to start using it with my new Surface Duo.

  9. Alejandro (verified owner)

  10. Gavin Kerr (verified owner)

    This is a great tool. I am a long time Franklin Covey user and this planner is a solid replacement.

  11. Tommy Rogers (verified owner)

    This product is amazing! I’ve used it every day sense I purchased it. Amazing product.

  12. William Kelso (verified owner)

    New to OneNote however, great for my use. Could someone tell me what font works best when typing in the formatted blocks and line spacing? ([email protected])

  13. Elizabeth C. (verified owner)

    I think the Key2success planner is easy to use and looks very professional. The negative is that you don’t offer a Sunday start date option.

  14. NARESH PASALKAR (verified owner)

    Fabulously designed and executed. I never missed my FranklinCovey daily two page planner, employing weekly planning methods. Some requested inclusions may be..
    1) Three months (previous, current and next month ) calendar on each of the daily record page for quick planning
    2) Yearly calendars for three years (previous, current and next) to capture big picture milestones.
    An excellent replacement for traditional paper planner.

  15. Victor R. (verified owner)

    User error in downloading the product, but Branden himself arranged a call to help me download. It is EVERYTHING that I wanted so that I can maintain my calendar over all platforms, desktop, iPad, iPhone! Could not be more satisfied.

  16. Jeff Watson (verified owner)

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I really love the product, works well with OneNote and has the features I have been waiting for without having to carry heavy planners information available instantly anywhere is a plus I have not explore all and perhaps never will, but it does meet my expectations. My life problems are in the details, at my age I sometimes forget things, faces commitments and some people know this and like to take advantage not all but some, in my case to log conversations with service people and all type of business is extremely important it means controlling expenses to the max what people with a fix income do so to log my daily balance from the bank and double check with what I actually will do or have done is priceless, then time is of essence, cooking taking care of the house, the family takes time but I am able to keep up with all of that and run my small sales as well. Thank you very much. I will share how works for me briefly: I like to log tasks or things that I have not jot down on a schedule and use the notes page to log extra information so when I have to actually take care of a particular task I have all on hand like jot down addresses, phone numbers, people names, business names, then when I call or go see someone I have that info with me, I also log any info provided by them as well or things I may need in the future, works like a charm. Again thank you.

    Uploaded image(s):

    Image #1 from Anonymous
  18. Johann (verified owner)

    Exactly as promised, bar none the best support I have experienced buying software and I have been doing this for a long time.

    The planner is well thought out and is easy to customise around like do sub-pages for each day project/goal. On top of all of this the exemplary product education in terms of Video’s is great. I have enjoyed this product so much that I bought the premium version for 2022 already with approx 10 days of use.

    Only improvement I could recommend is if there was a way to customise or add to some of the page templates.

  19. William Serratore (verified owner)

  20. Steven C. (verified owner)

    I now have a planner for MS OneNote and Noteshelf. This planner is a real game changer and an absolute must.

  21. Justin (verified owner)

    The best digital planner on the market!

  22. Victoria White (verified owner)

    I am so excited to have found this option for not only my IPhone but my hone and work Surface Pro tablets. I have wanted to live the Full Focus Planner/ Passion Planner/ Panda Planner and could never stay managed one QUARTER at a time. I am still learning the system – and am totally technologically challenged- but it is simple and I have found only a few things on my “wish list” to share:
    1. I need sticky notes! This would be a life saver in my work. Maybe there is an option for this.
    2. When I add images on my page – moving them to line up where I want them is not easy.

    Thanks for the product, continued updates and the video tutorials – a life saver for me! I’m sold!

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