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Pen Recommendations for ReMarkable

Need a new pen for your ReMarkable or simply in search of a backup just in case? ReMarkable Pen Alternatives are available. We asked Key2Success users to share their pen recommendations for ReMarkable and put together the list below of some of the best ReMarkable Pen alternatives.

ReMarkable devices use a “battery-less” stylus, meaning they don’t need to be charged. These styluses are used with different tips, known as “nibs.” The nibs wear down over time and can begin to cause issues or stop working completely. At this point, they will need to be replaced. (For example, users will report that the pen is writing without touching the screen. This means it’s time to switch the nib!)

Here are some of the more popular pen options for ReMarkable. The ReMarkable is a powerful tool for digital planning, and having a pen that you like makes it all the more powerful. Find a digital planner or diary for your ReMarkable here.

remarkable pen official
Official ReMarkable Pen / ReMarkable

Official ReMarkable Pen

This is the pen that comes with your ReMarkable. Find it here.


  • Designed for the ReMarkable, so it works great
  • Easy calibration
  • Comes with a (1) year warranty


  • Pricier than some other options
  • Can take a while to arrive if you need a replacement
  • Some users report difficulty contacting customer service if there is an issue


remarkable pen alternative staedtler
Staedtler / Amazon

Staedtler Noris Digital Jumbo 180J 22

This pen is a popular alternative to the “official” ReMarkable pen, with many users reporting they like it better for its writing comfort and price. It is lighter and thinner than the ReMarkable pen.

Order it here.


  • More affordable than the RM pen (on Amazon)
  • Has an eraser
  • Feels more like a felt pen than a pencil
  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 5 nibs


  • Some users state that you lose the “writing on paper” feel because of the rubbery nibs
  • No magnet
  • Not as good for drawing (but good for writing)
lamy Remarkable pen
LAMY / Amazon

LAMY Al-star blck EMR Digital Writing

If you like fountain pens, go with this one. Writing with the nibs feels like writing on glass, but use ReMarkable nibs for more of an authentic feel.

Order it here.


  • Ergonomic
  • Exchangeable nibs
  • Multiple pressure levels with great pressure sensitivity


  • Tips that come with it are described as “rubbery” but you can use ReMarkable tips instead
  • Angle and pressure can impact writing accuracy
  • Needs a hack to make the eraser work

Keep Your Pen Safe

Worried about losing your ReMarkable pen? Do a search for “self-adhesive digital pen holder” or “folio with pen holder” and find one that fits your needs.

These pens are NOT compatible with ReMarkable:

• Google Pixelbook pen
• HP Active Pen
• Mixoo Universal Stylus Pen, Disc & Fiber Tip 2-in-1
• Surface Pen
• Wacom Intuos CTH-690AK-S Art Pen
• Wacom LP190K replacement stylus for most Intuos tablets

Key2Success Planners

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Samsung Notes

samsung notes

Application works across Samsung devices. Great for Samsung Tab and Samsung Galaxy Users. Including Z Fold 3, S6, S7, S8 and S22. 



Works with ePaper Devices, like the reMarkable, SuperNote and many more. A PDF Annotation Planner allows users to take digital notes.

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