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Comparing Practical Use of the Surface Duo 2 and Z Fold 3

Today, we’re comparing the Surface Duo 2 and Z Fold 3 from a practical standpoint. We’ve used both devices and in the video break down

First, let’s compare Form Factor

Surface Duo 2 is a beautiful device and one of the thinnest phones on the market. It’s a pretty good upgrade from the first model. The Z Fold 3 looks and feels natural, but opens up and folds to one giant canvas. The real estate on this device is greater. There is no hinge and no split between the screens. Though you can go back and forth with the Duo, it’s just not the same feel.

The thickness of these two devices has a significant difference when folded, and the Surface Duo is a lot thinner. No wireless charging with the Duo, but you do have that with the Fold.

Side note: I’m nervous about putting the Duo in my back packet. It’s weird typing with both hands.

Bottom Line: Z Fold 3 works better on the go.

Digital Planning/Note Taking on the Surface Duo 2 vs Samsung Z Fold 3

The Surface Duo 2: Storage of the pen is magnetic, so I’m nervous about losing it. At least there’s something, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable throwing this expensive stylus device in my bag and not losing it.

Z Fold 3: They came up with their own case, but there is no place to set the pen and have it stick to the device (outside of the case).

Bottom Line: Z Fold 3 is more effective for Digital Planning and Note Taking

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