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Key2Success Feb 07
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Alternative Method for OneDrive Business and Sharepoint Users

OneNote has become a preferred application for digital notetaking. From students to business professionals, more and more people are finding their way around digital planning and notetaking with the help of OneNote.

Notetaking is nothing new for many professionals- for decades successful people have used paper planners to write down their thoughts, ambitions and daily plans. Today, OneNote provides those individuals an opportunity to reduce the clutter of not having to carry around another binder or folder.

With OneNote and the Key2Success Planning System, you can take ownership of your daily planning on a digital device, that can go anywhere and be everywhere with you.

With every digital product, there is a process for installing add-ons. OneNote has restricted OneDrive Business users from being able to import notebooks into their OneNote accounts. As well as many SharePoint users have limited access to how they add files.  This has caused many users to use personal accounts for their digital planning.

Installation of Notebook for OneDrive Business

There is a method for installing your notebook on your business accounts. One of the best solutions is to share a notebook from one account to your account linked to your business account. This will allow you to open the notebook in your OneNote application. From here you can create your own notebook on your cloud and then proceed to copy over the contents of the notebook. This can be done page by page, or you can copy sections of the notebook over.

To learn more about creating a new notebook and copying sections check out this article.

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