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If one of your goals is to stay in shape in 2022, a habit tracker is a useful tool to help achieve your fitness goals. The Key2Success Planner’s Habit Tracker is included with certain versions of the planner and includes proven methods to help you stay on track.

Whether you want to break a habit or establish one (such as getting and staying in shape), a habit tracker helps set goals, monitor progress, and evaluate areas for development. Included in the habit tracker is a section to outline goals, set a routine, take notes and reflect, and monitor progress, challenges, and opportunities.

For example, one of Branden’s goals in 2020 was to run 1,000 miles. That meant an average run of 2.7 miles per day. To accomplish this without overtraining, Branden needed to establish some habits and goals for each milestone: day, week, quarter, year. Other related habits included diet and buying the necessary equipment. (Running outside in a Wisconsin winter is not for wimps!) It was important to continually monitor progress and stay motivated. If Branden didn’t run for a few days, he would need to run quite a bit to make up for lost time. By sectioning out his goals and using a habit tracker, he was able to achieve his goal. Then, in 2021, he used the data he collected to set a new goal. This is the magic of planning!

Creating and maintaining habits – especially fitness habits – includes a dedicated effort and accountability. Digital planning as a whole can also help with this, but having a designated place to acknowledge and monitor habits is key to success! If you’d like extra help setting up your habits and goals, consider a 30-minute kickstart session with Branden!

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