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We are one month further into 2022 and continuing to determine everything we want to accomplish. A Habit Tracker is a great tool to help you achieve your goals. Not sure how to get started with a Habit Tracker? We can help. Whether you are a business manager or organization leader or simply have goals you want to pursue, the Key2Success Planner is a powerful tool.

The Key2Success Planner’s Habit Tracker is included with certain versions of the planner and includes proven methods to help you stay on track. Whether you want to break a habit or establish one, a habit tracker helps set goals, monitor progress, and evaluate areas for development. Included in the habit tracker is a section to outline goals, set a routine, take notes and reflect, and monitor progress, challenges, and opportunities.

Creating and maintaining habits involves a dedicated effort and accountability. It’s important to not only determine your challenges, but also celebrate your opportunities. Digital planning as a whole can also help with this, but having a designated place to acknowledge and monitor habits is key to success!

In this video, Branden demonstrates how to outline your goals and use a habit tracker to succeed at them. Learn how to develop strong habits, break bad habits, and create a plan. Accountability is important and a key part of our Habit Tracker.

If you’d like extra help setting up your habits and goals, consider a 30-minute kickstart session with Branden!

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