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Weekly Planning Training Course Launched

Key2Success is excited to introduce a new training series designed to help with career and personal growth. The training program consists of individual sessions or packages designed for different development areas. The first in the series is the Weekly Planning Course.

To find success in your week, you need to start with having a plan for success. In this one-on-one professional development course, we will work with you to determine weekly scheduling habits that will help you move forward with your professional growth.

We’ll start by determining areas where you are achieving and then examine tasks that you are struggling to complete. With this information, we’ll formulate self-improvement habits that will help you grow.

From here, we’ll discuss and validate the opportunities that mean the most to you and the connections that will make a difference. Next in this personal training course, we’ll utilize our planning board to help you de-clutter your mind and organize tasks, objectives, and thoughts so that you can clear the path in front of you.

Through our Weekly Planning Course, we will then indicate What Matters Most and determine which priorities, tasks, objectives, and goals should be prioritized and what should be delegated or rescheduled.

Next, we’ll examine daily planning, plot our your schedule for the week, and look for opportunities where we can schedule Key Action Steps that will enhance your growth and help you achieve success in your personal development and career goals.

The session will conclude by reviewing the rewards of what it means to complete the key objectives That Matter Most to you. This 30-minute session will be conducted over ZOOM where you can contribute to the conversation and actively engage.

Weekly Planning Session | Setting Priorities For Weekly Success

This 1-Hour session is designed to take you through the fundamentals of weekly planning.

  • Dedicated Focus on your Weekly Planning Process
  • Knowledge Accomplishments and Self-Improvement
  • Setting Weekly Priorities and Goals
  • Learn Primary and Secondary Scheduling
  • Set a Weekly Schedule focused on Key Goals

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